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This video is a very interesting presentation about memory techniques. Actually is a lecture from Massey University. I believe that you should watch this even if you are not interested in memory improvement. The techniques that are presented boost your memory and help with retrieval. I wish I had known these techniques when I was a student.


Ok, let’s see what we are going to see.


This video is divided into three units. In the first you will learn some general information about your memory and why you forget sometimes easily. There are some memory myths that are also explained.

memory Techniques

In the second unit the keys to remembering are introduced. These are Visualization and Hooks. Visualization, we know it also from self-hypnosis, is used for creating mental images which will help you later with retrieval. Meaningful images are more difficult to be forgotten. Hooks are familiar words where you can associate with anything you want to remember. Every time that you think of the hook you will retrieve the associated content.


The last unit contains information about Memory Systems. These are simple memory techniques which help you to remember perfectly anything. There is also an interactive part where you try some of these techniques. I tried them and they worked perfectly for me. The memory systems that are covered are the following:


o The Linking Method

o Number-Sound and Number-Shape (Peg System)

o Method of Loci


I was planning to write an article about “how to improve your memory” but there is no need for it as the following video completes the job.


*UPDATE* Unfortunately this amazing video has been removed from youtube. I will try though to describe these practical strategies as best as I can to the new Memory Strategies page.


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  2. I dont understand what you are saying and describing. can you help?
    is this for sale or available to read,see and hear?

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