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8 comments on “Support Us

  1. Yahsas Socrates!

    I was delighted to find your website. I did quite a bit of work with brainwave entrainment back in the 90s, and am returning to it now in order to deal with some health issues. Just ordered NP3 through you, and am looking forward to creating some sessions.

    I live near Vancouver, in BC, Canada, and have a background in biology and psychology (including neuroscience), so I feel quite comfortable with BWE.

    I’ve been to your wonderful country twice, and am very sorry to see what is happening there now. My first visit was shortly after Greece joined the EU, and even then I wondered if it was a good idea, seeing how the European industrial model was being forced on to your more independent way of life. I especially remember Greeks talking about how the family farm system was being replaced with European, industrial “cardboard food”.

    I’ve been on a personal journey of self-discovery all my life (I’m 63 now), and always felt a sense of brotherhood with the original Socrates. And now I meet another Socrates, who’s on the same journey! 😉 The world is a wonderful place.

    I look forward to getting to know you and having some great talks.

    Take care, filo mu, and keep up the good work.

    • Dear Andre,

      Thank you very much for your kind words and support. I hope that you will find NP3 a great program and a very helpful tool.

      Unfortunately things in Greece are now ugly and it will become worse.. much worse. We (the people) are at war with the Greek power centers (the government and all their corrupted friends, media etc.) and in fact we are under occupation. It is very sad what is going on now on the people that have nothing to do with this situation. This is the majority of the Greek population, including me of course, and not a very small percentage as the Greek and foreign media want to pass to their citizens.

      When you see in the news ” The Greeks agreed to blah blah blah”, please think that the “Greeks” that agreed on anything are not legally elected by the people and do not represent any Greek citizen. They do not want elections now because they know that they will lose the power. So we are under occupation by our own government like it is in a dictatorship. Actually the only difference of our political system with a dictatorship is that the role of the military is now carried over from riot police. In every protest they throw to the people tons of chemicals, even to the old and the retired citizens. And this is because they don’t like the fact that they don’t have anymore the money to eat, to heat and to pay electricity bills while in the same time all these political shits have made millions from this crisis, they have moved their money to Switzerland and each day a new scandal rise up without anyone ever be punished.

      We have to win this fight for every citizen in every state. We need support on this, because we feel that we are alone in EU. Everybody hates us for something that our corrupted politicians did in concordance with their friends in banks and because the controlled media brainwash them that ” The Greeks are bad and thieves!”. We need the support of the people in every country because the experiment that now is taking place in Greece, if it completes successfully, it will expand to every other country. They do not want free people they want slaves and the blueprint of the global slavery has began. If Greek people fail to resist, we have to forget the world as we knew it.

      Just a question for every one that hates me because I am a Greek. You government tells you that they need your precious and hard earned cash in order to support the Greek people that they are thieves, bad,lazy etc. My government has gone mad with austerity and I have lost over 50% of my hard worked earnings because we are in crisis and a debt that we need to pay. So in total, you are a citizen of another country and you pay money, I am a Greek and I also pay money… Where is this money going then? Not to the people for sure…

      Sorry about my large response Andre, but it is a very long time that I have to hear something good about my mother country. Take care and good luck in your mind journey. Σε χαιρετώ φίλε μου!

  2. Hi, I stumbled upon your site and I’m very impressed with you. Iam interested in philosophy, mind and in constant awe of its untapped powers i enjoyed your readings very much was looking up on google how to be more observant allthough patience is not my stronger attrubutes i believe my insight will prove worth it . Strangly enough i even read the about me page and never before have i felt trust in a person from a web site but just feel you are sincere and real and an amazing person gained much insight thanks Brenda Anderson Ut, USA

  3. Its good really to get to know about your site. Finally, I found a real NP3 user. Am still new on this Brainwave Entrainment kinda thing, just started about 4 years ago. Gratefully, have gotten my mind into many products and books, not to mention also, all the failures I’ve been through with all those stuffs. Dare to fail, some would say.

    I’m from Malaysia. Have a good day and life to you.

  4. I have read through your site rather quickly….. an then I found the answer to wrote to one of the letters to you. I have also been to your country a number of times… First in 1970… during the Easter season,,, this was when there was a dictatorship in your country.. I believe I am right… then for two summers I spent time on Mtn Athos with a priest friend. One of those trips I wanted to go to Kearas….? or Corfu as we say in the English language.
    I may not have too many friends in your area after this letter…but… I firmly believe what ever is wanted or desired is not a free trip. It is earned.. and often using long hours of labor and missing out on many times of fun and games….I think that is all I will say…. my best to you…. Keith

  5. I tried the exercises and found them interesting and useful. But since each individual is unique, and depending on his stored memories and experiences, it may be very interesting, and very useful. That will both depend on doer’s personality.

    For instance, when I visualised cutting the apple, I cut my finger too. Any suggestion from the author.?

    As regards using cookies, I should have first known what it is.[ I am not much conversant with net language.}Kindly pardon.

    with regards and gratitude,


  6. superb place to visit….very profound and very well researched..

    It is indeed soul stirring and mind boggling.

    So wonderful to meet you here.

    will keep coming back to this site.





  7. I was into Silva many years ago but the moderator left the area and never returned. Want to get back into it and considering ordering the original Silva book from Amazon but reviewing a pdf copy on the web I think there is not enough procedural technique to guide the reader thru the learning process.By technique I mean something similar to the instructions you put in your web page, Or even perhaps more instructive and detailed on doing the steps

    Did your prepare a bound so ca;led “how to” book that guides the reader thru the process ssteps such as a live moderator would? If not can you recommend something of that nature I could buy on Amazon?

    Also I have tried to find a moderator i Pittsburgh, PA but so far unsuccessful. Do you know of any?

    Very interested in your response.

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