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The examples you can find here are based on personal experience and none of them is just theory. There are two types of hypnotizing, the guided hypnosis and the unguided one.


It is a powerful mind expanding technique and it is closely related to self-development. Let’s see it closer.


The Concept of The Highly Suggestible Brain State


As you may know our brain produces electrical signals. This electrical activity is measured in Hz. Self Hypnosis uses the highly suggestible state of the brain which results in a particular Hz range.


This range is called Alpha State of Mind. When the brain is in the alpha state its dominant operating frequency is at 8 – 13 Hz. Below the alpha is the theta mind state where the brain is operating at 4 – 7 Hz.


The Theta mind state is ideal for self hypnosis but it is also more difficult to reach. Anyway, both states are good for self hypnosis. See here for more info on Brainwave Frequencies.


Speaking briefly, Self Hypnosis is a method of inducing your mind into trance (lowering the dominant frequency), the deeper the better. When at this state you make positive suggestions to yourself.


These suggestions influence your subconscious and as a result they also influence the way you feel and deal with your life. The form of suggestions may be aural, visual or anything that you feel comfortable with.



Self Hypnosis is a form of hypnotherapy and it has a lot of applications. Some of them are listed below.


o Quit bad habits

o Stop pain

o Improve Health

o Sports Performance

o Creativity

o Self Confidence

o Mind Development

o Sexual Health

o Spirituality


As you see these are general categories that can have many subcategories and so on. You may realize now that Self Hypnosis is applicable to a large variety of everyday activities.

Guided Self Hypnosis


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Guided self hypnosis is like a Hypnotherapy session with the aid of an expert. The only difference is that you are alone wearing headphones. You just relax and listen to the hypnotherapist following the directions that he gives you.


It is very easy to get into trance in this way because the hypnotherapist instructs you continuously and this doesn’t leave distraction thoughts to get in the middle. Also the suggestibility options that are used in such sessions are very effective. They also engage your creativity.


I have tried many auto hypnosis products. The sessions I used more were on the following fields:


o Body improvement

o Mind Improvement

o Spirituality

o Healing

o Power Naps

o Self Confidence


I will not discuss here what products I used. Such information you can find under the Recommended Products page.


Let’s see in detail some of my personal experience.

Body Improvement

Body Improvement programs are sessions aimed at improving your body’s health and/or appearance. The hypnotherapist induces you fast into trance and then instructs you to visualize things about your body.


This is how you can gain access to your body’s settings and reprogram it for better function.


There are also many programs that are focused on changing body appearance. You are simply instructed to imagine training your muscles for hours or that you are losing weight.


Mind Improvement

Mind Improvement sessions are supposed to help you with mind related issues. These may be mental tasking, way of thinking, overcoming undesirable situations etc.


I used stress relief sessions and they were very effective. Self Hypnosis is very effective against stress. It’s not only that the whole process helps you relax but it is also that the suggestions have a strong effect on the coming days.


There were some periods that I had too much stress. I even had panic attacks during my sleep. The stress relief sessions helped me to reduce my stress levels throughout the following days but I had to repeat sometimes the sessions as the anxiety kept coming back.




Spiritual sessions have to do with the elevation of your spirit.  These sessions are usually longer than the rest of hypnotic sessions and require you to be at a very deep trance level.


I tried an astral projection session but I failed to stay conscious until the end. In the best scenario I would click out (This is an expression used when you experience timelessness).

 Hypnotic Eyes

This session had lots of psychedelic sounds and binaural beats behind the voice that guided me. It was very trippy.


I have not experienced Astral Projection but I got deeper into trance than with any other self-hypnosis session and this was extremely enjoyable. Besides astral projection is a very rare and advanced state that few people have succeeded to experience.




Healing sessions help you speed up the recovery process from an injury or illness. In such sessions you create mind tools which help your body to rapidly respond to external threats or harms.


Experience from healing sessions is satisfactory in general. I usually listen to a healing session when I feel sick or in pain.


In most cases that I used healing self hypnosis I had a noticeable effect. For example, if I had a headache, after the session the headache was relieved.


Healing sessions are also good to maintain health levels high.


For example there was a session which guided me to created a holographic web into my body, which was able to intercept anything suspicious. Anything abnormal would raise the alarm and drastic action would take place immediately. All these in a subconscious level of course.


Self hypnosis sessions for improving health have positive and noticeable effects in my case, so I fully recommend them.


Power Naps Sessions


A Nap is a short timed sleep for about 20-45 minutes. But no more than 45 minutes because then you enter the deep sleep stage of the sleep cycle.


Power naps sessions are short self hypnosis sessions intended to energize you throughout the day. The best time to hear such sessions is at midday or when returning home from work.


Power naps induce you quickly into trance and instruct you to visualize things that will refresh you such as filling in with energy, or sleeping for many hours and suggest that you be fully refreshed and energized by the end of the session.


Power nap sessions work great when you are not very tired. There were times that I was so tired that power naps sessions didn’t have any effect on me. If you are so tired then a normal nap may be better.


Self Confidence

Self-Confidence sessions restore your self esteem and release your true potential. With these sessions your mind gets influenced positively about your ego.


These sessions together with the healing sessions are the most important in my opinion. In general, high Self Confidence is a virtue in life and it guides us towards success.


Just think how much better you do when you are confident while how unsure you are when you lack self confidence.


As Self Confidence is an essential component of success, if you are thinking of trying self-hypnosis then you have to try self confidence sessions, even if you think that you don’t lack of it.


These sessions have a great impact on your confidence levels. I observed a big difference in my mentality after using these sessions.


Also offers Mp3 sessions that you can buy instantly at very good prices. There is a huge variety of downloads offering hundreds of sessions. Check it out.


Unguided Self Hypnosis


The unguided self hypnosis is in general more difficult than the guided one because of the distraction thoughts.  The good thing with the unguided type is that you are free to make any suggestions you want. Also there are no time limits.


If you have never tried self hypnosis then I suggest that you’d better start with the guided type and after some practice switch to the freehand.


I use unguided self hypnosis nearly every night before I go to bed, combined with a brainwave entrainment program such as the brain evolution system. It is more effective that way.


Health Example


For example, for health issues, I have created a virtual laboratory with many tools. One of these tools is a holographic image of me and I use it when I feel sick or in general not well. There is also a computer that is connected with the holographic image and it is the interface of this tool.


The computer gives me a full report of my health. In the same time the hologram shows me the areas of my body that need attention. After this I run some specific commands in the computer in order to start the fast recovery process.

This is just an example of what I visualize when I am self-hypnotized in order to heal myself. Your creativity together with your visualization skill will show you how to create your mental places that you will use to make the changes you want.


What greatly enhances the efficiency of the unguided type of self hypnosis is to have knowledge about the things that interest you to change. The more details you know about them the easier you can imagine the changes.

Learning Example


Another example of mental location that I use is a wooden house. I go there when I want to improve my learning skill.


There are a couple of computers that I use for this purpose. Their role is to create and store files with the information that I learn in my everyday life. In this room there is also a library with millions of paper files and a desk. In the desk there are the blueprints of my skills, while in the library there are my recollections.


There are infinite mind tools you can create with unguided self hypnosis. It is a powerful mind expanding technique that can help you discover your mind’s great powers.


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  1. Hi, I found your comments about your experiences and rechearch interesting and I’m looking to get into a process to expand my mind so I can reprogramm and/or programm it in a way that no limitations, beliefs or any obstacles get in the way of acheiving a limitless state of mind. If you can direct me to the best sources, it would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Stefan LeBlanc

  2. The research is very interesting and very helpful. thanks a lot. My question is about why do some methods of hypnosis join the left index finger with the left thumb. But frankly speaking, i enjoyed the part concerning; the eight-time world memory champion. But please one more thing before i end, is hypnosis contrary to the Divine Will Of God? Please explain- thank you.

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