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Self ConfidenceThe following Self Confidence script can help you boost your self-esteem. This is a trait that any successful person must own. If you do not believe in yourself, then you are very prone to failure. This rule is applied to many sections of your life like your job, your relationships, your performance, etc. Try the following script to get a boost:


Let’s say that your goal is to be more social and spontaneous when you are with many people around. You can work similarly with other relative goals.


When you finish your preparation, and you are in trance state then imagine that you walk down a circular stair. You barely see as there is low light. While descending, you relax even more, with every step.

10 Steps to solid self esteem

You finally reach a dark room. See the details of the room. You see some closed wooden doors from side to side. You know that something is going to happen when you open these doors, and so you feel somehow excited. You are going to be transformed and live some wonderful experiences; you know that, and that is why you feel like that. But first, you must change. You need something that will change you, something like a machine that will transform you.


As you search the room for the machine, you see in the left corner a futuristic cabinet. This is the machine.
You go in front of it, and you examine it. See its texture, its cables if any, if it is of glass or metal, imagine it as you like.


You open the cabinet, and you go inside. It looks like a tanning pod and has a screen in front of you and a button. You step out of the machine, and you think again of your goal. What is this that you would like to change? Say it loud in the room, take a big breath and enter the machine again. You now see on the screen your goal. Take another big breath and while exhaling press the button and close your eyes.


The machine now starts. You can imagine anything you want about its operation, like its sounds, lights, etc.  For example, you can imagine that a penetrating yellow light hits you from every direction, and this makes you feel great.


After a few seconds, the machine stops. Step out of it. You notice that you feel very relaxed and calm; you know you have changed, and you are excited to see your new ego in action.


Go in front of a door that you saw when you entered the room. Take a deep breath, open this door and walk through it. You have now entered a new room while a party is taking place. There are a lot of people there, some familiar,  some others completely strangers. You enter the room, and everybody notices your presence. You feel so relaxed and comfortable, and your walk exhibits your high self-esteem aura.


Everybody greets you, and you reply back in a very spontaneous manner. It looks like that this party has been set up for you. Everyone admires you. You are a very entertaining person attracting all the attention. It’s such a great experience that makes you feel beautiful.

Some Last Notes

In the self confidence script, you imagine yourself as you wanted to be. You are not afraid anything, and you have total trust in yourself. This mental experience offers plenty of room for experimentation. You can imagine anything behind the door; a party, a job interview, a presentation or any situation that makes you feel nervous and uncomfortable.


You can also pass more than one doors in a single session, experiencing more situations at the same time. Though, it is better to be focused on a single situation every time, especially in the beginning.


Finally, feel free to change anything from the above story. The usual pattern you can use is to have a starting point like the dark room you entered, a mechanism that will transform you and an experience that you will behave as you always wanted. The rest are just details, the more details, the more vivid the scripts and the more real will look for your mind. If you have trouble in visualization, then try first some visualization exercises.


Remember to repeat this many times, keeping the same goal and one day you will realize that you act as you always wanted.


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  1. Remember that hypnosis is also about choosing the right words to guide the subject to
    the outcome you want. How long can your body keep it up and
    apparently it can be dangerous to your health if you do it for too long.
    The third step may be to initiate an spontaneous response.

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