Self Hypnosis Scripts

In this section, we are going to see some self hypnosis scripts. These are imaginative scenarios that you envision as a hypnotherapist guide you. In Self Hypnosis you are the hypnotherapist. With the term “self-hypnosis scripts” or just “scripts” we mean a mental story that you create and you follow in the same way you would do with a hypnotherapist.


These stories contain suggestions in the form of mental events that help you to reprogram your mind. It is a way to change something about you or your behavior that bothers you.


I also use some of the scripts that are listed on this page in my unguided sessions. These stories have elements from some guided self hypnosis products that I tried in the past as a beginner. You can use them in your sessions or create yours.


The purpose of this new section is to give an idea of how you can use self hypnosis to aid in your aims. Of course, you can use the scripts as examples in case you want to create your self-hypnosis scripts for any goal.


Before proceeding, it is highly recommended to read the article about Self Hypnosis, to get a view of self hypnosis, and the Self Hypnosis Instruction to learn how to prepare your mind for the self hypnosis scripts.


You must be in a state of trance before trying any self hypnosis script, or else it may have no results. The reason is that your mind must be in the high suggestible state so your suggestions can find their way towards your subconscious.

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How to Use the Scripts

First of all, you have to memorize them and know the story by heart. You cannot disrupt your sessions and read what’s going on next. the reason is quite obvious.


You can also imagine a story with many details and voice-record it. Later you can play it during the session and let your voice guide you, which is very effective in our case. Even better, you can import the script in the Neuro Programmer 3 and create a powerful combination of brainwave entrainment (quick and very deep trance state) and guided hypnosis.


Do not expect to see results the very next day. The process of changing attitude is slow and happens in the form of conscious realizations. The change begins from inside starting subconsciously and when it matures you realize it consciously. The realization is the last step of your transformation, and when it happens, it confirms the change.


Repeat the scripts many times. Alter the stories with your own mix keeping the same goal. That way you stay motivated, and it helps you focusing on the script.


If you lose your attention from the script by a distraction thought, pause and slowly isolate the distraction as an image and send it away. At the same time return to the script. No need to get anxious if distractions intervene with your self-hypnosis scripts. You can imagine them as daydreaming in your main story.


Here is a list of the scripts that are currently available:


Self Confidence Script: This mental story will give you an idea of how you can imagine things to help you boost your Self Confidence Level.  Click to try it out.


Immune System Support: This script will help you overcome an illness. Try it when you are sick. It can also be used in conjunction with homonymous Brainwave Entrainment sessions for swifter results.


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