The Secrets Of Highly Successful People – by Amy Twain

We all have heard of successful people and how they overcome many obstacles just to arrive where they are right now. Of course, we all aspire to be successful, but the road that leads to triumph is not paved with a bed of roses and sacrifices must be made. That’s why here now are the different characteristics of some of the highly successful people I know.


1. Successful personalities are gutsy. They know that you don’t want to play it safe if you want to succeed in life, but you got to take some calculated risks as well. They have the pluck to try and take on anything new for you’ll never know till you try.

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2. Dedicated and committed–if you want to attain success, you got to commit yourself wholeheartedly to your passion. If you’re dedicated in attaining what you want in life, it gives you that drive, the “fire in the belly” to pursue your mission. And if you want more tips about being successful and happy at work, check out and find out that you can live to work the happy way by Amy Twain.


3. Give them attitude–successful people are also decisive. If you got the attitude of a winner, chances are, it won’t take long for you to emerge as a winner. But what good is an attitude, if you don’t make that step forward? In this case, to decide to be a winner? Successful people decide to make things happen. They create action; they just don’t sit there on the sidelines waiting or hoping that they become successful. They proactively take charge of their life–and their destiny.


4. You’ve heard of the phrase “go with the flow”. Winning people do just that. They’re simply adaptable to whatever circumstances that may arise and they’re able to adjust and bend if the situation calls for it.


5. Not just all work— as they say, all work and no play makes Joe a dull boy. So, not all successful people totally devote their time working and working alone. There’s got to be some balance between personal and professional lives. Leading a well-balanced lifestyle not only let you live certain parts of your life, but the whole of it.


6. Patience is their virtue. They understand that Rome wasn’t built on a day and success comes to those who wait. Plus, they’re also determined and relentless. They don’t easily give up and they know if they’re faced with some adversity or obstacles to their goals, they’re merely challenges not to surrender, but to stick it out till the end. In time, they know they’ll get there–it’s just a matter of time.

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  1. i have all the above mentioned qualities except one which you have described in last, patience which i lack and thats why may be i am among most unsucessful people.

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