Sensationalism & Mass Media Influence: Danger!

Mass Media InfluenceLet’s~ have a little talk. I was wondering about the mass media influence in people’s lives combined with the brain rot and I thought it deeply to end up in some conclusions.


I have stopped a long time ago to be informed from TV or newspapers because most of them are controlled and there is no reliable information on these mediums. I prefer to read the news from reliable sources on the Internet. But, are these sources trustworthy?


Many people consider themselves as well informed because they read newspapers or they watch the news. They repeat what they have heard, just like parrots do. Sadly, many times they accept information with filtering and judgment. They do not understand that they are under the mass media influence and what they repeat is a planted idea from the media. It is so obvious sometimes but most people do not realize it.


An Example of Media Terrorism

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I used to get informed from a blog news site that I thought it was reliable and not instigated by interests or politics. This blog had millions of traffic every day and it gets updated every minute, 24 hours. Suspicious huh? But, I didn’t consider this as a bad thing; instead, I enjoyed very much to learn the news every minute. So let’s see what happened and I changed my perspective towards this “reliable” source of information.


I observed that there were days that after spending hours reading the posts, I had very bad mood and I felt terrible for the following hours, even the following days. I cross checked this with other people and they reported same feelings as well. I discussed this with friends and we agreed that something strange is going on with this blog. Though millions of fellow citizens trust it blindly.


The practice that is followed on this blog is the well known and successful technique of repetition and emotional stimulation also known as sensationalism. They repeat mostly negative news in a very dramatic way. They do not just present the news; they want you to feel the news! Sorry guys but this is a form of terrorism. It is exactly what the controlled mass media do to influence society.


Avoid “Sensational” News Sources


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The invention of the television armed the governments and the people that control the governments with a formidable weapon. They put a mind control machine inside every citizen’s house.


Now the public opinion can be easily manipulated and formed from anyone who controls the media. And the technique, of course, is the Sensationalism on the news. Avoid it!


The people must understand that there are no trustworthy and uncontrollable media. The mass media influence on our society is great and we must defend ourselves from it. People must realize that they are being tricked by the media every minute.


Try to observe what the TV shows to you during the day. Not just to watch the TV program but to judge why, how, when and what you see.


The trick is simple. They distract your attention with crappy programs forcing your brain to rot and then they “inform” you with the misleading news. Most of the time they play with your attention and they choose to present you the really important news when you are being distracted. You can never be sure why a political action is taken and who is going to profit from this action. Remember that your attention gets distracted all the time; It is like jugglery.


Internet: The Greatest Uncontrolled News Medium

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No one can control the Internet  (yet). Everyone can have access to it and find reliable information. Of course, the majority of news sites play the same role as newspapers and TV do, but you have the option to choose. You also have the power to search and cross-check if what you read is true or not. Do not trust blindly any news site even if it seems valid.


The Internet is the last media of information distribution without censorship (at least in most countries). The news sources may be disguised as honest and truly reliable news bringers (like the blog I was informing from). Search well your sources because, the same people, who try to take control of your mind with the traditional mass media, they will try also to do it from the Internet.


Avoiding Being Influenced by the Media


How to avoid the mass media influence? First of all, check your sources. How do they present the news? Are they addressed to emotions or logic? In which order do they present the news? How much time do they spend in the who-cares news? All these questions help to identify a misleading information source. Remember these questions the next time that you will watch the news.


Another solution to defend yourself from mass media influence is knowledge. Open your mind, search, read, discuss, argue and most importantly THINK. This is the only way to defend yourself from being influenced. Your mind is your shield against their mind control games.


However, stopping getting informed from the mass media is not a solution. Just judge everything they throw to you. Trying to find the real news behind the curtain is also a great mind expanding technique.  Analyze the news with four simple questions: Why, how, who and when. And most importantly analyze and judge the given facts that the news is based upon. The given facts are the views that they want you to accept without any kind of judgment. 


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  1. You’re not the only one having thinking like this. I agree with you too, to the point, indeed that most brains can be control and manipulate. What a wonderful world we’re all living in. 😛

  2. Hi, I’m doing a project for school. I need you to answer some of my questions to make my life a whole lot easier.

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