Creating a Bilingual Mind and it´s Benefits – by Werena Carsetti

First of all, creating a bilingual mind in it´s full meaning, is most simply accessible if you and your partner decide to raise your child bilingual. This is a quite straight forward process, even if critics like to make it seem rather complicated. However, the human brain is proven benefited with a bilingual mind, and many bilinguals including myself, believe being raised in two languages is a huge asset to have and very lucky to been given.


Of course there is a big chance that you have not been so lucky, and even if you would like to, you are not able to raise your own children bilingual either. In that case I think you should seriously consider to move abroad for a few years, and start to give your brain what it deserves. People who are bilingual have a better memory, age slower and run less risk to demented when aged. Bilingualism also raises someones employability massively, and during sensitive economic landscapes like now, this brings a huge advantage.


But that is not all! Bilingualism makes you really smarter!! related source:
It has been proved over and over. So lets once and for all forget about the common scare that children might have problems in school if you move to an other country.


How to Create a Bilingual Mind

As mentioned before growing up in a bilingual environment is a low effort way to truely master an other language. As you might know, how older you get how harder it gets for the brain to gain a second language ´base´. Especially pronunciation problems can frustrate the older student. Luckily there are certainly ways to achieve full bilingualism during adulthood. But the only manner to achieve bilinguality will be moving abroad for an extensive stay.


Please note that just learning an other language is not the same as having a bilingual brain. Only by interacting a extensive period of time within a different environment, might get you to bilinguals. Often people are discouraged on an older age to move to an other country, and not least due the language barrier. However, the following things are certainly encouraging!


The benefits of bilinguality:

– It makes your mind work faster

– You will find better jobs, get better paid and increases your employability significantly

– It will give you the ability to raise your children bilingual and give them the best opportunities passively!

– A healthier life, due to the benefits of bilinguality on aged brains.


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