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brain rotThe scope of this article is to show you ways to stop brain rot. Although, this site is intended to present you specific techniques for mind expansion, there are also natural ways you can do it. Changing some of your day habits may lead your brain staying active preventing it from rotting.


Brain rot is a resulted condition after an overdose of unnecessary and useless information. If you have adopted a way of living which leads your brain to rot then the consequences will be visible in the near future, if they aren’t yet. Expect your behavior and perception to worsen and the overall capacity of your mind to decrease. As your brain gets used being inactive more and more time, it shuts down whole neuron networks as they seem to be unused and therefore unnecessary.


There are some ways you can stop the brain rot. The number one factor you have to limit is routine. Stop routine at all costs and by any means. You cannot imagine how much this action will benefit you.


Nowadays is very difficult to stop routine as the most of the job positions require from you to be there every day from 9 to 5. So in the ideal case to leave your work just at 5 o’clock (in my country this is very rare…) you have 7-8 hours free time to do whatever you like.


First of all, turn off the TV and PC. Leave it for the last one or two hours before going to bed. Don’t spend all of your free time in front of a monitor, it will dis-socialize you. Apart from this, in case that you watch too much TV, your brain stops working and transits to a passive mode. Television is full of crappy programs that fill your mind with useless and trashy information. Why should you care about how much a celebrity spent for a party in a boat?


Instead of watching TV you can go out and run. Gymnastics and especially aerobics not only stops brain rot but is a very effective, healthy and natural way to expand your mind. Gymnastics improve your whole body, not only the brain.


Now if you feel that watching TV is what you like to do then do it, but don’t overdo it. Ok, watch your favorite series, as this entertains you, but you don’t have to watch the next crappy celebrity news show. Do something else which will keep your brain active. You can read a book for example which engages your imagination. Or you can read an interesting magazine.


I prefer to be outside most of the daytime. I like to get some friends and go out for a coffee. Many times we discuss for life issues. Such discussions may lead you to realize things about your life, your personality, your ambitions and your attitude towards other people of your life. Most of my realizations have occurred during discussions with friends. I find this activity way more beneficial than staying home watching TV or playing video games. I do this only when I haven’t something better to do.

turn off tv

Other ways you can break routine:


o Change the route you follow when you drive to work.

o Change entertainment places. You don’t have to drink your beer to the same place every night.

o Go excursions when you have the time (weekends?).

o Do sports.

o Acquire unusual experiences.

o Find hobbies that interest you.

o Don’t repeat the same activities, do something different.

o Question everything you don’t know.

o Change often the position of your furniture.

o Get close to nature. Go hiking, rafting, camping etc.

o Travel

o Enrich your sexual life

improve your thinking skills

The above are some ways you can break the routine. If an activity does not interest you anymore, occurs always the same time and you do it without thinking of it then it has ended up a routine. If you cannot avoid this activity then change the way you do it. This will engage your brain to think and invent new ways to complete it. The idea behind stopping the brain rot is to stop inactivity. This will also slow down the aging process.


Generally, anything that actively engages your mind breaks the routine. Enrich your life with activities you enjoy. You will also have a feeling of fulfillment like that you don’t observe your life passing. Live your life now, not later!


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