Self-Development Articles

In this section, I will present self-development articles. Even though this site is focused on mind and thought expansion, here you will be able to find articles for broad personal development. Of course, there will also be articles about the human mind which they are not related to the general mind categories that I cover on this site.


Other people have written some of these articles as guest posts. In any case, you will be informed about who the author is.


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Money: Is it the source of all Evil?

Is the current form of money evil? Let’s analyze how the money affects the human and his mentality overall.


Creating a Bilingual Mind and it´s Benefits – by Werena Carsetti

It is common knowledge that bilinguals are considered more intelligent people than the average. Let’s see some of the benefits of Bilingualism and how you can offer that gift to yourself and your children.


The Game Of Life – A Simple Representation Model of Our Life 

Our actions during lifetime determine our future and our general mood. In the Game of Life model, we synthesize three essential elements, Lifetime, Decisions and Effects to create a model that can show if you are a Winner or a Loser in this fascinating game.


Secrets of Highly Successful People – by Amy Twain
There are some people who are successful regardless what they do or did in their lives. Learn the secrets of highly successful people and achieve the lifestyle you dream.


Stop Brain Rot Now! Expand your Mind Naturally
Brain Rot is a condition which you must avoid at all costs. It is an obstacle to mind expansion, and you have to overcome it. Read here how you can fight brain rot and expand your mind naturally.


Mass Media Influence
How well informed you think you are under the Mass Media Influence? Do you trust blindly your news bringers? Let’s have a talk about how the mass media “try” to inform people…