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After more than one year of testing the Sleep Salon program, it is the time to write a review about it and discuss my experience with it. Sleep Salon as you understand by its name it has to do with brainwave entrainment targeted to sleep induction. If you are suffering from insomnia then you will find the following lines very interesting.


The Brainwave entrainment audio program Sleep Salon is very handy in cases like mine. I am working in a 24×7 shift schedule which means that I have a very unstable sleep pattern. Sometimes I have to wake up early in the morning while others I finish the shift in the morning. As a consequence my circadian rhythm is getting crazy. I have twice a month to face an 8 hour sleep lag.


So the Sleep Salon program sounded promising in curing abnormal sleep situations like mine and I decided to give it a try. Besides the developing company is inspire3 and being already satisfied with the amazing Brain Evolution System, I didn’t have many doubts about the performance of their sleep induction offering.


So let’s see what the Sleep Salon includes.


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The Sessions


Sleep Salon Banner

The sleep salon audio program includes the following sessions:


Wake Up Sessions

o Wake Up Session – 20 mins
o Wake Up with Classical Music – 15 mins


Relaxation Sessions

o Stress & Anxiety Reduction – 25 mins
o Sleep Training – 20 mins


Sleep Induction Sessions

o Sleep Induction with Night Sounds – 50 minsinsomnia
o Sleep Induction with Classical Music – 50 mins
o Dissociative Sleep Induction – 50 mins
o Hypnotic Sleep Induction with Suggestions – 50 mins
o Hypnotic Sleep Induction with Affirmation – 50 mins
o All Night Sleep Loop – 90 minsSleep Salon
o All Night Sleep Loop CD version – 80 mins
o Sleep Loop for Pain Management & Healing – 20 mins


As you can see there are several sessions to try and experiment. Apart from sleep induction there are some relaxation and wake up sessions. These are some nice additions to the whole program for meditation and energy boosting after sleeping.


Let’s see them one by one.


Wake Up Sessions


I haven’t try the wake up sessions as many times as the sleep inducing sessions but I can say that this one will do what it says. It gets you to 18Hz beta which is the fully alert brainwave range. Though, beware because if you haven’t get enough sleep the last night, you may find this session’s result discomforting. It will hyper energize you while feeling at the same time sleepy. This is an awkward and confusing situation for your mind. It feels like wanting to sleep but cannot do it because of caffeine hyper-dose.


Other than that, if you have got enough sleep, this sessions will eliminate the early morning sluggishness and it will keep you energized for several hours. The session contain isochronic tones & binaural beats and headphones are preferred in order to get the best results.


The wake up sessions with classical music is a shorter version of the simple wake up session but it is followed by classical music for motivation boost. This session do not require headphones.


Relaxation Sessions


These two Isochronic tone sessions will help you meditate at most and prepare your mind for a good night sleep. These sessions are better to be used at evening or just after work in order to relax and calm you down from the hyper-tension buildup.


I have nothing to add here, these are typical isochronic tones sessions for relaxation. There are good for visualization and meditation. Most of the times I used them late evening for meditation and one time that I was sleep deprived I fell asleep.


Both sessions do not require headphones.


Sleep Induction Sessions


These are all about! Up to now the Sleep Salon’s sessions are the most effective sleep-inducing audio that I have tried. I use them regularly and always they have the desirable effect, even though in cases that I do not feel sleepy at all.


The Sleep Induction with Night Sounds is my personal favorite, I use it whenever I can’t sleep. Apart from the brainwave entrainment that is clearly audible, the session contains relaxing night sounds such as cricket songs, distant barking dogs etc. I use headphones for this one, especially after a night shift even thought they are not required at all as it uses only isochronics. Usually, I fall asleep in the first 20-30 minutes regardless my brain state.


The Sleep Induction with Classical Music session follows the same pattern with the previous session. It uses the same technology and also no headphones are required. I have listened to it some times but not mostly because any kind of music usually wakes me up instead of relaxing me down. But this is something of personal preference. Anyway, in the end of the session I find my self sleeping. Only once I didn’t sleep but I was deeply relaxed.


If you like classical music and relax with it then this session is for you. As the session progress the music fades to the background. This effect creates a strong sleep inducing stimuli to the brain. Prepare for a super blissful energizing sleep.


The Dissociative Sleep Induction session is the most powerful session of all. It uses though a different technique from previous sessions. It is called dissociative because it can stop mind chatter when you try to sleep. When you are stressed enough, even though you may feel tired you just can’t sleep because of endless inner conversations in your mind. If this is your case then this is the session that you must use.


This one requires headphones because it also contains binaural beats apart from isochronics. What actually does this session, is to overload your mind with “aural information”. As your mind try to analyze and combine the stimuli it gets overloaded and finally it gets exhausted. This is followed by a deep relaxing effect that shuts down any thought. The session drives your brain to the lowest delta for a super deep sleep that nothing can disrupt it.


I used this session many times at night. I found myself in the middle of endless thoughts and conversations trying to shut them up so I get some sleep but at no luck. Then this session got the job done in usually 30 minutes. Though, I don’t use it often even if it is the most powerful because I don’t like the idea to overload my mind.


The next two sessions Hypnotic Sleep Induction with Suggestions & with Affirmations are instructive. This means that they offer some sort of a guidance. The first one suggests you to sleep deeply while the second instructs you to change your opinion regarding your sleep schedules. E.g you may believe that you don’t rest while you sleep, this session reprograms your subconscious mind with a positive affirmation that you rest very well instead.


Whenever I tried these sessions I fell asleep quickly. Sometimes, I slept few minutes after I hit play and didn’t listen to the hypnotherapist. They have some strong sleep inducing effects that relax your mind quickly. If you had a tiring day then it wouldn’t be difficult to sleep with these ones. No headphones are required.


I haven’t tried the All Night Sleep Loop so I can’t tell you about my experience. According to the sleep salon guide this brainwave entrainment session will stimulate the brain to follow specific sleep frequencies according to the 90 minute sleep cycles and repeat again. The session is 90 minutes and it is used without headphones on repeat all the night. Off course you know what the sleep cycles are.. Don’t you?


And the last session Sleep Loop for Pain Management & Healing is my second favorite because off course of the pain management. I have many times problem with sleeping because of a sudden pain or illness. In this case I use this session. Not only I forget about the pain but also in several times I slept uninterrupted until morning.


What is happening in the morning though is another story. Pain may be not existing but it mSleep Salon Banner2ay also return. I remember once I had to go to the hospital because of a terrible pain in stomach when I got up. The pain started all of a sudden in the middle of the night and woke me up completely. It was very intense and it was impossible for me to sleep again until I started the session.


This session is only 20 minutes but you can play on repeat. So during the second time, I didn’t understand how, but I slept and woke up normally in the morning. In the beginning the pain wasn’t there, but after a while it returned back and so I had to go to the hospital. Gastritis they told me. Anyway this session achieved the impossible, to calm me down and finally I fell asleep while in great pain. Headaches and simple pains are piece of cake.


It has a very relaxing isochronic tone that sounds like a cats purr. I wear headphones with this one even though they aren’t necessary and it is like I am inside a very happy giant cat. It is great for relaxation and sleep induction.


If you want to read the official User guide of the whole program, you can see it here. 


Sleep Salon Final Thoughts & Price


Now comes the best part. The Sleep Salon costs only $37!!! Also, according to the company itself “Your purchase is risk-free, and comes with a full, no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee”.


In my opinion it is very underestimated for what you get. There are 12 high quality sessions that do exactly what they say. For that price it is a steal… It feels like the whole program is in a permanent massive discount. The Brain Evolution System costs $297 and consists of only 7 sessions. The Sleep Salon costs 8 times less and it incorporates the same high technology for curing insomnia. Perhaps the low price is explained by its scope which is limited to people with sleep troubles.


Anyway, If insomnia is a problem for you, consider trying the Sleep Salon, it is definitively worth it for this price. Click here to get transferred to the Sleep Salon main site.


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5 comments on “Sleep Salon Review

  1. Hi,

    I purchased the product because I have suffering from nights without sleeps these days, and when I managed to sleep, it is a not profound sleep, I do not feel well restored after, and that has really ruined my life. I went to the doctor to relate my sleep problems that suddenly occurred and he told me to buy some medecines, but after I read about it, I was discouraged to take because of all the undesireble effects. So the ideia to purchase the Sleep Salon came and seems to me safe and cheap, but I am still skeptical. And I have a question, I am really afraid to develop dependence of the audios, that means, to sleep just with the audios. I would like to listen to them once in awhile, just when I feel insomnia, which not occur every day, or when I’am feeling anxiety. Do you understand? When you have used the audios to help you sleep, in the next night, did you have need to listen to it again? And, when you woke you up after listened to it, how did you feel?

    Thank you very much, I really want to believe in this product, that is possible to sleep with it with no undesrirables effects and risk free of dependence.
    Sorry for my english, is not my first language, nor my second!

    • Hi Willie,

      I use BWE sessions regularly for many years and the most used sessions are the sleep inducing ones. I have never felt that I depend on them and without them I cannot sleep. I only use them when I have troubles getting asleep. I have never heard of any addiction to BWE sessions. Also if you are using it regularly, you will train your brain to reach lower states when you sleep so in the long term you may have better sleep patterns without the use of any BWE. Just be sure to read the user manual and instructions of any product you buy, before using it!

      Best Regards,

  2. I’be used various binaural beat tracts ie kelly howell’s “dee[ ;earning” and “deep meditation” cds for theta wave entrainment for remote viewing cooldowns, as well as Jeff Strong’ss REI beat frequency cds, , as well as pure tones with no music behind them which can be initially annoying as a tea kettle but can drop you down fast. Also i have monroe institute’s new SAM cds, spacial angle modulation which like beat frequency don’t need headphones and is said to entrain gamma wave s state. I’ve found the more often you use a brainwave track the faster your brain responds, what at first might take 20 minutes after awhile you feel the shift in 5 useful for psi work and rv, have been able to stay wake for extended sessions in lower theta upper delta. Brain entrainment and hemi-sync are useful tools and get you blissfully “loopy” on the natch. I would never buy any at this price though without sampling. I also ue sonic driving fast drumming for shamanic journeying.

  3. My weary eyes read the cost with the !! as 371 dollars, whereas 37 seems ,ore reasonable.

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