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Neuro programmer 2 is a brainwave entrainment program which provides plenty of features and options for creating a perfect brainwave entrainment experience. In this page you can find an analytic review of this excellent (IMO) product. First, I will describe the interface and functionalities of the software, and next my experience with it.


Interface and Functions


Neuro programmer 2 provides a beautiful and user-friendly interface. The program can be learned fully in just a couple of hours. It offers whatever you need in order to discover the brainwave entrainment secrets. When you run the program for the first time, a wizard will determine the most suitable sessions for you according to your preferences. You have many options where you can choose from. In the next screen shot you can see them all.




Then, and every time you run the program you will see the home start page which is demonstrated in the next screen shot.


NP2 Home


As you can see you have five options on the left menu. Now we are looking on “Sessions” menu. From this point you can listen to a built-in session. There is a great variety of built-in sessions. The tracks that appear in the center list are selected according to what you have chosen the first time you run the program. Of course you can run the wizard anytime and adjust your choices.


If you double click on a session then a new window will pop up where you can customize the selected session. Next screen shot shows this new window for the chosen session “Hypnotic Relax 2”.


Hypnotic Relax 2


Selecting the customize button in the configuration box on the left, a new window with many options pops up. From there you can change the whole track by adding components like tones, noise or background sounds, change time parameters such as fade in or out, change tones pitch, select your recordings, set your computer to shut down when the session ends and many more. The good thing about it is that all these options do not require special knowledge and you can learn how to use them easily. Especially if you read the excellent help file you will have no inquiries at all.


The most important thing is in the middle. You see the suggestions/scripts selector? From there you can add a plethora of positive suggestions that will be played during the session. In the next screen shot you can see your options.




This is how you can select and listen to built-in sessions of Neuro Programmer 2. The great abundance of options can create multiple versions of just a single session.


Under the Sessions button there is the Recordings button which contains a list of the built-in recorded voices, those you select on the session’s suggestion/script selector. What’s great here is that you can import external recordings and/or record your own voice. The last one is a very nice feature as you are free to record any affirmation you like.


Scripts are like recordings. The main difference is that scripts simulate the voice of an instructor, telling you what to do and how to proceed. The built-in options are few and unimpressive, in my opinion. I personally don’t use them. And again you have the option to record your own script exactly as you can do with the recordings.


Session Editor is an NP2 Professional feature enabling you to create your own sessions. You have many tools at your disposal. You are free to select between brainwave entrainment technologies such as binaural or monaural beats and isochronic tones. Session Editor is not difficult in its usage. In the following screen shot you can see some of the options. The great thing about session editor is that you can create sessions inducing your brain to any frequency you want. You can also set the background sounds, add pink or white noise, select pitch of the tones and beats, select how the frequency will change throughout the session and many more.


NP2 Session Editor


Now let’s talk a little about NP2’s technology.


Brainwave Technology


You know, the common brainwave entrainment methods use binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones. There is also another one powerful method which is called photic driving. The last one is based on stimulating the brain using light flashes. NP2 supports this feature by converting your monitor to a flashing machine or by connecting audiostrobe led goggles.


A very useful feature of Neuro programmer 2 is the export button. In every session menu there is an option to export the customized session to a .wav file. According to the help file you can convert the exported file to mp3 without losing any of the brainwave effects. This is very useful as you can transfer your favorite sessions into your mp3 player and listen to them on the go.


Because NP2 uses isochronic tones as well as monaural beats in many of its built-in sessions, you don’t need necessarily headphones to use the software. If you don’t have headphones, you simply skip the binaural beats sessions.


My experience


Neuro programmer 2 professional is one of my favorite products. Its sessions are very effective and they do what they promise. I have tested most of them and they have great stimulating results on my brain. The great variety of options can make each customized session unique.


What I like the most about NP2 is the fact that it gives you so many options to experiment with. Unlike to other brainwave products, your brain cannot get used to it easily and quickly and consequently suppress the entrainment effects. You can create new stuff any time.


What I used more of this software is its built-in sessions rather than creating new ones. This is because those which came with the software are good enough for my purpose. Besides, there are over 100 sessions included.


I mostly listen to relaxation sessions. Every single one I tested from Neuro Programmer 2 had the desired result. I have also tested beta sessions such as IQ increase and I felt an alertness increase. My brain seems to respond fast to any session and usually I feel the entrainment when it happens. My favorite sessions are the relaxation ones because I feel their results more than others. Relaxation shows me also how much my brain has altered its brainwaves. NP2 sessions do a great job affecting the brainwaves and as a user I am completely satisfied.


There are three different versions of Neuro Programmer 2. There is the Home version, the Professional which I have, and the professional with a commercial license. The last one is for professionals who want to create and distribute sessions to patients or create their own CD’s and sell them or for any other commercial purpose.


I believe that price is low for so many features and options you get. NP2 pro is a worthy product and I recommend it. It has many features that will satisfy the most demanding user. I advise you to try for free NP2 as there is also a free trial version. If you decide to buy it, then you can click here to go to the e-shop.


*UPDATE* Neuro Programmer 3 is released! Check here my review of the new version of the Neuro Programmer!



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