Neuro Programmer 3 Ultimate Review

Finally, I decided to write a review for the Neuro Programmer 3, the most sophisticated brainwave entrainment software in the market today (in my honest opinion always).


The program has a lot of features and functionalities that cannot be presented all in detail in a page. We will see here the most common functions that an average user will use in a daily basis.


The Neuro Programmer 3 comes in two versions; Regular and Ultimate. Click here to see the differences between them. This review is for the Ultimate version.


Of course there is no need reading this review if you actually try the program for free. Click here to download a trial version and experience this great tool.




The Neuro Programmer 3 offers an excellent documentation that includes everything that a beginner should know about brainwave entrainment and this program.


The following screenshot shows the documentation file.

 NP3 Documentation


The program itself contains a lot of wizards that play the role of consultants and thus helping the inexperienced with their first steps in brainwave entrainment.


As for the experienced users that feel creative, the NP3 includes some very handy tools for editing existing sessions or creating new ones.


Here is a list of the most NP3 features:

  • 120+ sessions
  • AudioStrobe compatible
  • Sessions of all types included: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and more complex protocols
  • Create your own MP3s and Audio CDs
  • Hypnosis Scripting Tools
  • Microphone Recording & Text-To-Speech
  • Binaural Beats, Monaural and Isochronic Tones supported
  • Background Sounds, Music & White Noise generation
  • Session Editor, with Undo, Copy/Paste, Unlimited Voices and more
  • BioOptimization: using biofeedback device input to create more effective sessions
  • Extensive documentation
  • Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep and other sessions
  • Attention, Learning, Memory and performance sessions


For a detailed view of the above features click here.


User Interface


The Neuro Programmer 3 comes with a new layout continuing the tradition of being user friendly.


When you start Neuro Programmer 3 for the first time you get to the welcome tab as in the following screenshot.


Neuro Programmer 3 Welcome Screen


Well, from here you have all the options to navigate to every function you like. Let’s see them in brief:


  • Getting Started: A quick start wizard that lets you pick a brainwave entrainment session.


  • Setup Wizard:  It asks you some questions and populates the “recommended sessions” category, based on your answers.


  • Affirmation Wizard: You can quickly setup your affirmations to be played during the session. You can select from the affirmation library or record your own.


  • Top Left Menu: Drop down menus allowing navigating to every function of NP3.


  • Top Right Menu: The most common functions that you will use.



Getting Started


Getting Started Wizard


This screen shows up when you click on the Getting Started button. By clicking next, you can browse all the available sessions. Just select a session and start using the program. After your selection the session player opens and you can start listening.


In the next screenshot you can see the available sessions.

Choosing a Session


On the left there are the sessions’ categories and on the right the sessions under the chosen category. From this window you can see details of each session such as the length, the brainwave technology it uses and more.


Setup Wizard


Neuro Programmer 3 Setup Wizard


This is just what the preceding window says. You are going to answer some multiple choice questions and then the program will recommend you the best sessions for your needs.


Setup Wizard Selecting interests

You can expect that the program will recommend you sessions from the chosen categories.


After you finish with this wizard the “recommended sessions” category is filled up. If you go again at the getting started wizard and click on “recommended sessions” category on the left, you can see that is populated according to your answers on the setup wizard.


Recommended Sessions


If you are unsure what to listen to, then this wizard can help you decide.


Affirmation Wizard


Affirmation Wizard


With affirmation wizard you can select files from the recordings library that has came with the NP3 or you can record your own affirmations. This allows you to record any affirmation you can think of and use it in any session.


If you press next you can customize many options of your affirmations. Here is a list of the controls you have:

  • Set the time that the affirmations will start
  • Set to repeat, loop, shuffle or play once during the session
  • Set the delay between the affirmations
  • Set the volume
  • Set effects like echo or reverberation


By the end of the wizard all of your choices have been saved in the affirmation/scripts tab.  You can review/edit your choice form this tab.


The Affirmations/Scripts Manager


If you click on this tab on the top right menu then you will see the following:


Affirmations/Scripts Tab

From this window you can control anything that has to do with your affirmations. Your choices in the affirmation wizard are showing here and you can change them at your discretion.


In this window you can add new affirmations and change the way they are played in the session. In the “Other Effects” you can add some extra effects such as fade, pan and more.


The “Auto Dual Induction” is a feature that lets you set the affirmations to be played on each speaker separately  instead of both speakers. You can set it for example to hear a different affirmation in the left ear and a different affirmation in the right ear. Of course this has a meaning only when using headphones.


The Session Player


NP3 Session Player


And here is the great Session Player. After you pick a session you go to this window where you can listen to it or change some options.


From the Audiostrobe button you can enable and configure your Audiostrobe device if you have any. If you don’t have, there is an alternative option to try the photic drive (Visual Brainwave Entrainment using flashes).


From the Visuals button you can enable and configure your monitor to flash specific colors that will entrain you really fast (Caution: Read the safety instructions first).


The “Info” button will show you information about the specific session you have chosen.


The magic “Export” button allows you to export the session to an mp3, wav or ogg audio file so to transfer them to your portable audio player.


On the right you can see some general instructions about the selected session.


If you want to change session then you can open the Session List and select another session.


The Session Editor


Neuro Programmer Session Editor


The session editor gives you control over the technical stuff of each session. The session editor will open in a new window where you can do all the changes you want. For example you can add another brainwave entrainment track, change background sounds, add pink or white noise and of course you can create your own sessions from scratch.

The NP3’s Session editor is this advanced tool that expert guys will love. It gives absolute freedom to create magnificent sessions.


Though, if you find it difficult to create your own sessions and you just want to alter slightly the existing NP3 sessions there is another way.


If you click on the “Session Options” from the Session Player window then a number of options show up on the right.


NP3 Session Options


From this tab you have some control over the session. The most important thing is that you may change the background audio file with one of your choice.


There is an audio pack that it is also offered at a great discount if you purchase it with the NP3. This package is the “Thought Sounds vol.1” that contains lots of high quality soundscapes that can be used with the Neuro Programmer 3.  Click here to see the deal.


Final Words


As you see, this review is very large and we just covered the very basics of the Neuro Programmer 3. This is the reason that I consider this software as the most advanced brainwave entrainment program. It offers so many options and functionality that you will never end with it.


I didn’t mention about the quality of the sessions. However I did this when reviewing NP2. The sessions are very effective and induce your mind quickly into trance. Even if your mind resists greatly to the entrainment, try adding some visuals and it will be entrained in no time.


Finally, I can say that Neuro Programmer 3 is a very good piece of software for those who want to experience some serious brainwave entrainment. Its price is very low compared with what you actually get and compared also with other brainwave entrainment products.


Want to see for yourself? Click here to download the trial


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  1. No it isn’t worth it. The company does not support the product.

    I have had an error opening the program due to a .net framework issue and my support ticket has not been answered in over a month.

  2. hello;

    Can we use it to produce Subliminal Audio MP3 with Affirmations to rewire our subconscious mind ? like and ?


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