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Mind stereo is one of these computer generated programs to help stimulate the brain. Actually it is a media player. I am going to present another product from the transparent corporation, a truly excellent developer of brainwave entrainment products. Wouldn’t be nice to listen to your favorite music and entrain your brain at the same time? This is what this great product does. Let’s discover it.


As you can see in the next screenshot, Mind Stereo is a nice looking media player. Although it looks like an ordinary media player it has a very nice feature. It is capable of blending brain stimulating tones within the music files that are played.


Mind Stereo


Most brainwave entrainment sessions or products usually end up being boring after a while. Many times you want to hear a binaural beat session but it is so boring to listen again to the same thing. You want something different, your brain asks for it. This is the advantage of Mind Stereo. Brainwave entrainment sessions do not get boring because actually they are masked under your favorite music.


Now that I m writing these lines I have mind stereo running and being tuned to a chill-out web radio station. As you can see I have selected a session named “Creative focus at art work, writing, reading, brainstorming”. It is exactly what my mind needs now.


Some great features of this brainwave entrainment media player are listed below:


o Adds brainwave entrainment to music files.

o It supports MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, FLAC, AIF, AIFF, MP1, MP2 MP4/M4A audio files.

o Supports internet radio.

o Many Brainwave entrainment sessions are included.

o Brainwave session editor.

o Entrainment equalizer.

o Brain enhanced visual plugins.

o It does not require headphones


Click here to check the complete list of features.


The following screenshot is from the program’s visualization plugins.


Mind Stereo Visualizations


User Experience


Ok, now I am going to tell you about my experience with the product. I use it frequently when I am at the computer for any reason. I just load my favorite web radio station and according to my intention I pick up the suitable entrainment session, like now.


You may wonder if the entrainment has actually any effect as the music covers it. I also had the same inquiry but it solved when I tried the product. Sometimes the entrainment is audible but most of the time you cannot understand it. It sounds like a trembling or a small distortion of the sound. This distortion is due to the isochronic tones that are played simultaneously with music. You may not be aware of them all the time but they play continually and synchronize your brainwaves.


The entrainment is strong and noticeable in my case. For example now my mind is fully concentrated to what I am doing. I feel a small numbness on all over my head, slightly relaxed, peaceful and a continuous stream of ideas keeps coming.


Another time that I had difficulty in sleeping I used a session “Sleep Induction” while I surfed to the Internet reading news sites. In matter of minutes I got so relaxed that I realized that my eyes were just gazed at the text without actually reading it. I was ready to go to bed.


I like to use this program in my media pc. I usually load up a playlist of slow tempo music and pick up relaxing sessions while I put the visualization plugins in full screen. As mind stereo plays in the background I caught up myself discussing with my friends for hours in a very creative and relaxed state.


I can write for hours now about the many uses of mind stereo but I don’t want to be tedious. There is a 15 day trial version where you can try it for free and see for yourself if this program is for you or not.


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