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Buzan's iMindMap


iMindMap is a mind map creation program. I used it a lot and in this page I will present you the software. Also we will see an example on how to mind map with this handy program. There are many screenshots of the mind mapping process so to have a clear picture on how this program works. I will try to be as analytic as I can in this review. Lets start.


This Mind Mapping software offers a great working environment for creating mind maps. It also offers a very simple and intuitive interface that helps you build your mind maps very fast. One can learn this program in a matter of minutes without using the rich help file and video tutorials that are included. The easiness of the program is its great advantage in my opinion. The fact that you can create beautiful mind maps without spending hours makes iMindMap an efficient and entertaining mind tool. Learning becomes a game.


Basic Functions


Lets see how Buzan’s iMindMap looks and works. We are going to create a simple mind map and see its basic functions and features. The topic of the mind map will be my aquarium, as I love this hobby.


As you run iMindMap, the home screen comes up and a small window appears in the center, asking you to write down the main concept of the mind map. From the same window you can choose a built-in picture for the main concept or you can browse and select a picture of yours.


iMindMap Homescreen


Next, you see in the center of the working sheet, the picture you have chosen with the main concept written inside it. This is the center of your mind map. From this point you start creating branches that are sub-topics of your main idea. By floating the cursor over the main concepts picture a red dot appears in the center of the picture. By clicking there and dragging towards outside you create a branch. Double click on any branch to enter a label.


iMindMap Main topic

Creating Branches


Creating sub-branches is easily done by moving the cursor over the edge of a branch. Then a blue circle with an inside red dot, like this in next screenshot, appears. Clicking on the red dot and dragging towards outside you create a new child branch while clicking the blue circle you reposition the entire branch.


iMindMap - Creating Child branches


So, thats it. Isnt it easy? You wont need anything else to create a content mind map. As you can see the mind maps you create with iMindMap are colorful with large branches and you can easily memorize them.


Lets see some more advanced features


In the toolbar on the top there are some icons that correspond to drop-down menus. In the Insert menu we can see some useful options. Selecting for example Floating Text you can enter text anywhere in the working sheet. In our example I have entered My Aquarium on the top as a title. The Floating Image option does the same but for an image. Also the same menu appears if you right click anywhere in the sheet. If you also select a branch and right click on it or click on the insert toolbar button you can add an image, notes, a sketch or audio notes to that branch. Next screenshot shows this drop down menu.


iMindMap - Insert Menu


The draw button on the toolbar let you select the branches form and/or add arrows. So you can select organic form which is the default, freehand, arrow that allows you to connect two branches with an arrow and box branch for drawing a rectangle around the branchs label. In the screenshot below I selected the arrow and I draw two relationship arrows between the fresh water branch and the Fish sub-branches.


iMindMap - Draw menu


The mode toolbar button has also some interesting features. You can select the Mindmapping mode from this menu. So you can find the speed mind map that adds some key shortcut functionality for fast mind map creation, the Project Management that adds a workflow to the mind map, the Text mode that is a tree view of the mind map, which you can see it in the next screenshot, and the Presentation View which is a step by step presentation of your mind map. Very nice features all of these that give you another perspective of your mind maps.


iMindMap text view


Final Words


The Buzans iMindMap V4 which I reviewed in this page is a very powerful toy for mind map creation. Its secret is its ease of use and also the fact that it follows the mind mapping principles by the book. The colored branches and the image importing will enhance your memory and will make iMindMap your best friend for learning new material.


Unfortunately this great tool is a little bit expensive. But there are many versions of it so you can select what suits you better. Also you can try the program before buying it so you can see if this is for you. Click here to check about the Free Trial. You can compare the different versions here.


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