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In this page we will talk about the i-doser binaural beat player. There is a lot of discussion around idoser and if it actually works. Many people claim that idosers binaural beats have very little or no effect on them. I have tried several doses, this is how they call their binaural beats sessions, and in this page I will present you the results. As you may predict, some doses worked and some others didn’t.


First of all lets examine what this i doser is all about. Idoser is a free player and you can download it from here. This player is designed to play .drg files. These .drg files are the binaural beat sessions that are called doses. There is a huge variety of doses you can buy in the i-doser e-shop.


One thing is certain about i-doser.com ; they have a very good marketing team. The way they present and promote their releases is unique and entertaining. If you browse on their store the doses you can buy, you will understand what Im saying. I-doser doses induce your brain to specific brain states that are associated with particular experiences. These experiences are divided into categories. Just for reference some popular categories are the following:


  • Recreational Contains most drug induced experiences
  • Hallucinogenic Contains only the hallucinogenic drug induced states
  • Premium Some very special doses that are designed to blow your head off. Very expensive.


So, technically what are these doses?

They are just plain binaural beats with variable frequency and pink noise. Ok, lets be realistic; taking a drug will have a much greater effect than listening to binaural beats. In the first case we speak about substances and in the second case we speak about stimulating sounds. Although you may find similarities, idosers effects are lighter than taking a real drug.


Another huge difference between these two cases is that drugs damage the brain and generally your health, they are addictive and they should be avoided. With binaural beats you don’t take such risks.


So, why I recommend this product? Because some binaural beat sessions are powerful and have great stimulating potential. When you know your expectations from a brainwave entrainment session then you cannot doubt for the result. If you expect to feel drunk by simply listening to the alcohol dose then you will find that idoser simply doesn’t work despite the fact that you feel relaxed. So, it is a matter of what you expect from each dose. The best way to experience idoser doses is to be realistic and rational.


In the list below there are the doses I have tried so far and also their results on me.


Delta I heard this dose many times just before sleeping. I cannot say that I reached delta state because simply I didn’t sleep. Though it was very relaxing.


Serene– Light relaxing effect. Not that impressive. I took this dose some times after work but I didn’t feel so much serene after it.


Hand of God– Well this is interesting but expensive. I don’t know if it worth the $200 This dose is messing with your brain frequency. It starts by synchronizing your brainwaves to a low relaxing frequency then suddenly the frequency gets higher and higher very fast. This is like a takeoff. I cant describe it. I remember though that when the frequency started rising, my awareness skyrocketed. I heard my breathing differently, I felt the heart beat and blood flow on my brain, arms and legs and also I felt a heat wave exhibiting from my face. Interesting and scary feeling. My anxiety also increased.


Cocaine – A beta session that gives you energy. I tested it once and I observed a slight mood lift. Not exactly what I expected but it had some positive effects.


Lucid Dream – Lucid dream is a nice session to listen to before sleeping. It is deeply relaxing but I have never become lucid on my dreams.


Marijuana Great relaxation effect. You will not go to bed with this dose but you will feel relaxed and light-headed. It is a nice and pleasurable dose.


Alcohol – A free dose that comes with i-doser player that has a moderate relaxing effect and a slight mood lift. Good dose for testing idoser but not so strong.


Content – This is the second free dose that comes with idoser. Not much of impression here. It is a typical binaural beat session. I don’t remember to feel content after it finished.


Theta – Super relaxing dose which put you in theta range. Great for meditation and mind programming. I used to take this dose just before sleep or evening naps.


Sleeping Angel Not much to say here. It is supposed to sleep with this dose but I remember that I never slept during this.


Anti Sad One of the first doses I tried. This one worked fine. I had a bad feeling that day and my mood was very down until I listened to anti sad. After the session the bad feeling had gone and I no longer felt depressed. I don’t exclude that the reason of feeling good might be a placebo effect but I only judge the result.


Alpha Great dose for relaxation and visualization. This dose is good for taking a break from your busy day. I used to take it after work for mind programming, absorbing new knowledge and refreshing. It is just a good alpha session.


Anesthesia– Well I wasn’t interested to take this dose but I gave it a try because of a recent incident. I woke up in the middle of the night at 4 a.m with a killing pain in my stomach. I wasn’t able to get any sleep and so I listened to this dose as it helps with pains. Although I didn’t expect anything to happen, surprisingly the pain ceased till the end of the dose and finally I got some sleep. Well, you now may think that it was a coincidence but the story doesn’t end here. The following morning while I got up to get ready for the work the pain came back. It was stronger now so I ended up in hospital for some checks. My point is that this dose is pain relief that can give you some moments to calm. I suggest this dose.


Morphine – This dose is one of my favorites. I tried it recently with the stomach pain incident I told you previously. I took this dose when I came back from hospital. I fell asleep while listening to this dose but before loosing consciousness I remember an extreme relaxation feeling. It was really nice. The fact that I was on my bed, as I was listening to the session, it was enough to make me feel happy… Besides I slept so deeply that it was like a near death experience. I recommend you this dose for an extremely deep relaxation experience.


I-doser store offers hundreds of doses. Whenever I try a dose I will update this list. The average price for each dose is $3-$5. Also there are dose packs available at a discount.


A clear disadvantage of i-doser compared to other brainwave entrainment products is that you have to be on the pc to listen to the doses. If you own a netbook this isn’t so much a problem as .drg files can only be played on idoser player. If you have an iphone or android phone you can install the relative app and buy the doses through it. Click here to download the mobile version of I-doser. For those who do not have a compatible phone there are mp3 CDs, containing the same doses in mp3 format, which you can order from i-doser.com.


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11 comments on “I-Doser Review

  1. i have taken in all of these drug sounds with out so much as a buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz from all of them

  2. I tried Marijuana as my first I dose, and boy it was amazing! I felt like I was floating in space. The after affect felt like I was light headed and dizzy, and very drousy. Good to take before bed, very relaxing, nice feeling.

  3. in m y experience with idoser i took on my first try gates of hades and let me tell ya is no joke i was hallucinating faces like iwas seeing the devil it self and strange random faces that pop infront of you like dead people i love this dose i use it every night before going to sleep

  4. I recently heard about this. I am interested, but my concern is that, I cant listen with my right ear. I am not using any hearing aid device.

    So, can I listen these track? Am i able to get the expected result.

    Please guide.

    Thnx & regards.

    Charudatta Sawant
    Pune, India

    • To be honest it probably wont work, different tones play through the left and right side of the headset in different intervals to get you brain to react accordingly. But it depends on how def exactly you are, you may need to just use a higher volume. Some brands of bluetooth headsets let you adjust the volume of each side. I’d say get a headset that can do that and give it a try, it honestly wont hurt to test it out.

    • There is a headset that is bone conductive audio you put them on your head not your ears don’t know if that helps

  5. So I tried a few of these and I the first one I tried was the marijuana track it was an amazing feeling. If you don’t have the money to buy it all I-Doser albums are free to listen to on Spotify. If you use Spotify premium just click on the your favorite track and listen to it anytime you want.

  6. Gates of Hades is my favorite track. I just got done listening to it. The whole time I was visualizing a red sky with dark clouds over a red dessert. Through the middle of the track in that same dessert I saw hopeless souls walking slowly across the red sand. After a few minutes it was just the buzzing no music. During that time there was a pitch black room and this man right in my face just starring at me. The a few moments later back to the red dessert with the hopeless souls. After a few moments once again no music and the dark room with the man appeared again. I was scary and fascinating at the same time but I was relaxed. Best experience I’ve ever had.

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