Recommended Products for Mind Expansion

In the recommended products page you will find reviews in mind-expanding commercial or free products that I have tested so far. Also in this page you can see which product I currently test.


If I find any product, during the testing period, interesting or worthy then you can find it in the following pages. Please note that any recommendations here are completely based on my Personal experience with the product. This means that for me the product worked well, but there is no guarantee that it will have the same results with you. Also please be informed that I may be affiliated with some of the recommended products.


You will not find negative reviews here. Crappy products (In my opinion always!) won’t be listed. The reason is that I have no right to judge if a product is good or bad because such products may work well on some people but may not work at all on others.


Product Reviews


Sleep Salon Review

Sleep Salon Thumbnail
Sleep Salon is the solution for sleeplessness. This new product from Inspire3 claims to be the ultimate cure for insomnia. Let’s see the brainwave entrainment sessions that offers and how can they stand up against any Sleep disorder. It may surprise you also with its price!




Neuro Programmer 3 Ultimate Review

Neuro Programmer 2 Review
Neuro Programmer 3 Pro is finally here. The third installment of the successful brainwave entrainment software suites from Transparent Corporation has been released. NP3 offers all the goods than its predecessor did and even more. Let’s examine this new powerful tool.



Brain Evolution System Review

Brain Evolution System Review
Brain Evolution System is one of the best entrainment courses. It uses advanced brainwave technology that stimulates the brain very fast into deep meditative states. This six month course will tune up the brain so to reach peak performance states on demand. The best of all is that it has a 30-day FREE Trial. Check it out!



Neuro Programmer 2 Pro Review

Neuro Programmer 2 Review
Neuro Programmer 2 Pro is one of my favorite software for brainwave entrainment. Its powerful effects on the brain are noticeable. It offers over 100 built-in high quality sessions and also a session creator. Check here my review of this great product.



Mind Stereo Review

Mind Stereo Review
Mind Stereo is a brainwave entrainment media player. It can add entrainment to your favorite music or internet radio. Brainwave entrainment never gets boring with Mind Stereo. Check my review.



I-doser Review

Idoser review
I-doser is an interesting brainwave entrainment product. It actually offers an online store where you can find a great variety of binaural beat sessions. What makes i-doser unique is that it’s sessions simulate drug-induced brain states. Interesting… Don’t you think?



Tony Buzan’s iMindMap Review

imindmap review
iMindMap is a mind map building software. Its ease of use and appearance makes this program my favorite for mind mapping. Check the review, I also show you step by step guide for creating a simple mind map.


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3 comments on “Recommended Products for Mind Expansion

  1. I’m trying to find a (preferably free) guided hypnosis or meditation for holographic creation. Have you come across anything like that in your research?

  2. If I have weak computer skills and no knowledge of the product would I be able to figure out how to use some of the advanced settings like changing the affirmation and changing the music selection. It sounds like it has way more to offer than the brain Evolution system. Your feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I paid a huge amount of money for Neuroprogrammer software and additional products to go with it, all from the Transparent Corporation.
    My computer crashed, I went to re-download my software, supposedly stored in my on line account and once downloaded it failed to work or even install.
    I exchanged several emails with the Transparent Corporation who promised to resolve the faults with the downloads, I am s till waiting over a year later, meanwhile it has put me out of business as a brain entrainment consultant, since I have no software still to make audio’s for clients as was the purpose of buying the more expensive professional and commercial version, and no offer of a refund, not at all happy, dire after sales service, a total rip off, my advice – do NOT buy this software, the company are diabolical and have no respect for good customers whatsoever.

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