Creating subject people. How an opinion forms in the mind – by Ernst Alexander Rauter

creating subject people
Well, this book is an excellent piece of writing, and everyone should have read it in my opinion. Its original title is “Uber das Herstellen von Untertanen”. Unfortunately, I cannot find it in an online store. Moreover, I cannot find much info online about this book, and I am not sure if it is translated in English although I don’t believe this as I found the Greek version of the book. As you can also see the image is from the Greek version. If you ask to your local bookstore, they will surely know. But let’s see why this book is so unique.


First of all, let’s meet the writer. This book has been written in 1971 by Ernst Alexander Rauter. Rauter was born in Klagenfurt, Austria on April 27, 1927. He died on March 8, 2006, in Munich.


E.A. Rauter had a bad childhood as he was an orphan by mother and he spent his time in institutions. His thirst for learning was high, and he loved linguistics. In 1968 he became famous to the youth with his essay Creating subject people. How an opinion forms in the mind in which with dense and comprehensive writing he explained the mechanism of subjection and handling of the people from politics and businesses.


Rauter in his essay describes very well how people are systematically converted to slaves becoming unable to understand that they are being deceived. Every person in the modern society plays a role that it has been given to him before its birth. Education forms the slaves that are needed each moment. People get exposed to a carefully selected piece of information which is the seed of their control. Schools are brainwashing factories that manufacture minions.


This system is so well established that, as Rauter says, With this everywhere present information mechanism and influence of schools on the unprotected minds of minor members of the population, someone can deceive even smart people, making them celebrate for their own death sentence.


While this book is written on 1971, nearly 40 years ago, you may find it very topical. I found it I enjoyed very much reading this book, although it is not a happy fairytale but a truth about our greedy nature. Anyway, I feel better when I am aware of the situation than to live in my own world and believe the stupidities that mass media throw at me, even though I know that I cannot do much.


Finally, I recommend this book. If you find it, buy it and read it. There is no affiliate link because I didn’t find it on Amazon or anywhere else in general. If you find it, please be so kind to send me the URL so to update this page.


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