The Celestine Prophecy

This book is quite famous. It was for three years on the best seller list. Celestine Prophecy is a very nice book which presents you a theory about the universe and the world through an allegorical adventure. Although some people are disappointed with this book, I can say that I really enjoyed reading it.


About The Author

James RedfieldThe author of this book is James Redfield. He was born in 1950 and he studied Eastern Philosophies. Redfield expressed his interest in spirituality, and he also joined The Human Potential movement.


In 1989 he abandoned his career as a psychic therapist and became a full-time writer. James Redfield became known because of this book. He has written other spiritual books as well, such as “The Tenth Insight: Holding The Vision” which also became a best-seller. He also publishes the monthly magazine “The celestial journal” which refers to Redfield’s experiences and reflections about the spiritual renaissance that is happening now on our civilization.


The Celestine Prophecy Review


Celestine ProphecyThe story of the book is developed around an ancient Peruvian manuscript which contains nine insights. The realization of these insights will lead the human race to form a perfect spiritual civilization. The protagonist starts a journey to Peru in order to discover the mysteries of the ancient document.


As he meets new people who initiate him slowly to the spiritual insights, he also faces the adversaries of the manuscript who want to destroy it. A manhunt has been set up so that the followers of the document to be arrested and the document to be destroyed.


Through this interesting journey, you will also experience these nine spiritual insights which consist of a new approach to the world and the universe. I can say that I liked a lot how the author presented and explained the universe using an energy theory.


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The Celestine Prophecy


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