Brain Rules by John Medina

“Brain rules” is one of the most interesting books, related to the functions of our brain, which I have read so far. I strongly recommend reading it, if you are a fan of info books related to the human brain. Let’s examine this book.


About the Author


John Medina is a developmental molecular biologist focused on the genes involved in human brain development and the genetics of psychiatric disorders. He is the director of the Brain Center for Applied Learning Research at the Seattle Pacific University. He also teaches at the University of Washington, School of Medicine in the Department of Bioengineering.


As you can see Dr. J. Medina is a credible person that has a wide knowledge of the human brain. His CV proves that his book contains reliable information. For more information about the author and the book, you can visit (Opens in a new tab).


Brain Rules


brain rulesJohn Medina in his book describes the brain functions in a very simple way. “Brain Rules” doesn’t require you to have any knowledge in the field of neurology. It is easy to follow, and also it’s entertaining.


With simple language, avoiding intense terminology, pointing just what it is important for the reader, “Brain Rules” presents twelve facts of the operation of our brain. Acquiring this knowledge we can increase our mental performance by exploiting our brain power.


There are twelve chapters for each rule. John Medina presents many experiments and every-day life stories that prove the validity of the rules. Sometimes he also shares his personal experiences. All the chapters have the same structure ending with a unit of author’s thoughts. The author, in the last unit of every chapter, shares his ideas about how the brain rules can be applied in our lives and especially in education. It is very interesting for us to see how outdated our education models are and also how they can be modified to use more of our brain’s capacity.


The following facts are covered in “the book:


1. Exercise – Gymnastics boost our brain power

2. Survival – The human brain evolved too

3. Wiring – Every brain has different wiring (neural networks)

4. Attention – We don’t pay attention to boring things

5. Short-Term Memory – Repeat to remember

6. Long-Term Memory – Remember to repeat

7. Sleep – Sleep well, think well

8. Stress – Stressed brain doesn’t learn the same way

9. Sensory Integration – Stimulate more of the senses

10. Vision – The most powerful sense

11. Gender – Male and Female brains are different

12. Exploration – We are powerful and natural explorers


John Medina provides us with the latest findings in neurology science for the above rules. I enjoyed reading every word of his book. Truly it is one my favorites.


If you want to read more information about this book you can also check the website (Opens in a new tab). Also, if you are interested in buying it or reading more reviews, click here (opens in a new tab) to be transferred to


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