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Recommended Books page contains my reviews about books related to the scope of mind expanding techniques. I will only list books that I find them worthy, providing valuable information about the human brain and mind. By clicking any of the links contained here, you will be transferred to a mind book review.
As an affiliate, all the links that are provided in book reviews are pointing to the Amazon products sale page. If you want to buy the book through my affiliate link, then I will earn a commission from your purchase, and also I will be very grateful :).




Brain Rules by John Medina
Brain Rules by John Medina is a very nice book containing credible information about the human brain. Dr. Medina uses simple language to describe 12 facts about brain’s functions. Very enlightening.




The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

A very nice spiritual book by James Redfield. Experience the nine insights which are contained within an ancient Peruvian document and lead to a spiritual regeneration. Identify these insights in your life.



creating subject people
Creating Subject People. How an opinion forms in the mind

An excellent essay written by Ernst Alexander Rauter. This book is written in 1971 but it is very topical. It speaks about the very well established mechanism of converting people to minions. Education plays the key role into this by hiding important information that people must never learn.


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