Mindfulness – Increase the power of the mind by just living in the moment

Mindfulness Mindfulness in plain English is to be aware of every moment of your life. You may think that you know your actions every minute, but with a better look, you may identify countless moments that you act completely mindless just like a robot.


A routine occurs when you repeat the same process too often. You think that there is nothing more to know, and you start doing it automatically while your mind stops participating actively.


I know, and you may also know that mindfulness is a term used in meditation. It is a state where you increase your awareness by just observing your thoughts stream but without your active involvement in it. You just observe, and you live in the present without thinking about the future or the past. This article here has nothing to do with this meditation technique; it is just presenting a way to experience life.


When you follow a procedure too often, then you stop thinking about it. You do what you know every time following the same steps and most of the time you think something irrelevant or simply nothing. A classic example is driving.


Although this is a physical consequence as you master an activity, it is not always good to let it happen. What I mean, is that you won’t expand further the skill because you stopped thinking about it.


To the driving example.How many times you realized that there was a better path to reach your destination? This realization happened coincidentally because of external factors. For instance, if there is a roadblock ahead, you will be forced to change your routing. So momentarily you engage your mind to the situation.


Now your mind is stimulated and active because it has to figure out the new routing to your destination. The activation of the mind wouldn’t happen if you followed the same old path again. So in this example, you became mindful when a roadblock forced you to think a new way to reach your destination.


This situation is very common, and many people experience this in everyday living. It has happened to me many times and in most cases I realized that there were far better routes to my destination. So the outcome from this example is that I learned and became better in navigating around the city by simply living in the moment of driving.

improve your thinking skills


Mindfulness – How to become mindful?

The standard method is to remind yourself to be aware of everything you do, even to something you think you know it thoroughly and there can be no further improvement. The reminder can have a verbal suggestion format like saying mentally to yourself what exactly you do.

Mindfulness can expand your knowledge. As you become mindful, your mind is alerted and can identify new ways to improve your technique in whatever you do. If you let routine overwhelm you, you welcome brain rot. Brain rot is a disruptive state of the mind, and you must avoid it at all costs.


You become mindful when you are thirsty for knowledge and development. These two intentions keep you conscious. Of course, you may be interested in developing only specific aspects of your life. Becoming mindful at most of the time, it will increase your mind power overall.


I usually remind myself to stay mindful when my mind is idle. This can happen as I don’t do anything at all, but it can also happen as I do something that I know very well how to accomplish it. In the first case when I am idle I try to focus my attention on the surroundings and then on my inner world. In this scenario “mindfulness” reminds the meditation technique.


I observe my sensations, feelings, functions, thoughts, and breathing and become fully aware of the present moment. In general, a pleasant feeling of expanding consciousness comes afterward. Creativity increases and idea production is faster. My greatest realizations have come up from a state like that. I repeat that this is not meditation.




Now in the second case where I am not idle, but my mind is, I try to be aware of every single detail of what I am doing at that moment. I know it sounds, and it is boring sometimes and that’s why my mind cannot be always there. But whenever I live in the moment I get a clearer picture of what I do. I better understand why I do it, and most importantly I learn to do it better.


When your attention is focused on what you are doing then, your mind thinks in a creative manner. You can realize a better way of getting things done when you live mindfully.


Concluding, I would like to say that I acquired two great benefits through mindfulness. When I am idle, I expand my consciousness, and I get a spiritual lift while when I am occupied, I can be enlightened realizing new perspectives and solutions in whatever I perform. If you think of it, this is an increase in the mind power as a whole. At least these two benefits I have realized up to now. You may have realized more.


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3 comments on “Mindfulness – Increase the power of the mind by just living in the moment

  1. I realize that I’m not mindful when I just begin typing my blog id on the “Email” section on the reply box.. I have to become more mindful. There are so many thoughts that bombards my mind from mindfulness. I think, in-order to dissuade those thoughts; meditation also helps. Being mindful is a kind of meditation. You are meditating on the present moment. Please refer Eckhart Tolle’s teachings.

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