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Ok, let’s see the mind maps I have created. The main concepts of the maps you can find here are based on content from this website. You can find the content in the pages “The Human Mind”, “Mind Control” and “Mind Power”. The software I used is the Buzan’s iMindMap V4. This is a powerful and user-friendly program but unfortunately is not available anymore. An nice alternative, which is also free, is the Freemind mind mapping tool.

You may feel confused watching the mind maps, but this is normal. The maps you create are only for you, they are personal. It is you who can understand them fully, as the concepts and the words that you use to create a mind map are the best for you. Remember that every word has a different effect between people.


Having this on my mind too, I will try to explain the following maps.


The Human Mind – Mind Map


Maybe I overdid it a little bit with this mind map. I put too many ideas on it, resulting to a huge mind map. First of all, check the page The Human Mind in order to acquire the meanings and the concepts that I used in this diagram.


The map is based on the content of the page. Of course, we will be needing thousands of mind maps to fully cover the existing knowledge around the human mind. The maps that are presented here are just for reference only. Also, you may find them useless and not helpful; the point is to show you how I used the method and not the information presented in them.

The Human Mind - Mind Maps

You can see clearly in the center of the diagram the main idea. This is the human mind. Use preferably a photo or an image of the main concept. You see now there are 4 branches which are associated with the aspects of the human mind.


Every branch has a broad meaning. It must be a word that can connect with the child branches so their combination to form a new idea.


In our example, we have the main branch “Consciousness”. This branch is alone a concept. It’s a main aspect of the human mind. But adding the child branch “States” we create a new meaning. “States of Consciousness” is another idea that is also important. At this point, I added the sub-branch “Altered” that is again a different new concept. So we formed a line with three words, each word is alone a new idea and the combination of them forms new meanings. We formed five ideas with just three words.


I have to admit that this mind map is incomplete. The reason is that there are child branches that are interrelated. When we have two or more ideas with similar meanings or their combination adds a new concept, then we can connect them with an arrow. I will show you this technique in the following examples.


You can see also that I have added some photos. Photos help with your memory. Another advantage of using photos is that you can replace a meaning which needs more than one word to be described. This can keep your map from growing too large. You can see in this map that I haven’t replaced the words with photos. The reason is that I want to show you which words you can replace.


A mind map is a dense network of ideas and meanings. As you observe how all these are interconnected your mind creates more cross-correlations between them. Thus, all these meanings are easier to be stored in the long term memory.


Mind Control Mind Map


In this basic mind map, I would like to show you the related child branches. As I mentioned earlier, these ideas can be connected with an arrow.


Mind Control - Mind Maps

So let’s see our whole mind map. I have divided the content of the Mind Control page into three main branches. These are the “Method”, “Control” and “Benefits”. As you see, there are many related ideas between “Method” and “Control”.


Let’s talk about branches “Own” and “Others”. The “own” keyword means to control your own mind. Do you see the concept starting from this branch? The meaning is “Own Mind Control”. But where does “Control” refer to? The answer is “Emotions”, “Feelings” and “Behavior”. And, as controlling your mind is translated to control your emotions, feelings and behavior, these ideas are interconnected with the “own” meaning of mind control. You can represent them as you see in the map.


Now for the “Others” meaning, the idea is to control other people’s mind. This can happen only with hypnosis. So we can connect with an arrow these two meanings. Note that hypnosis is not a final child branch. There is no problem with that; you can connect any branches with arrows if they are somehow related.


Mind Power Techniques Mind Maps


This mind map is a complete one. You can see many ideas and also some arrows. I haven’t put any images, though.


I’ve chosen the main concept to be Mind Power Techniques as the Mind Power meaning is too general. I divided my central idea to six branches. Sometimes you haven’t to write exactly the words as you see them in the text. Also, you can think a more general idea that can include different concepts into the same branch.


Mind Power Techniques - Mind Maps

See for example the branch “Psychology”. As “NLP” and “People Observation” are parts of the psychology, I could easily fit them in the homonym branch even if psychology as a meaning is not mentioned in the page.


Please note that it is not necessary to use a the software in order to create mind maps. You can do it with just a piece of paper and a pencil. To be honest, I did them initially by hand and then I created them in the program. If you like how they look you can check the product review in the recommended products page.


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