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meditation techniquesIn this page, we will talk about meditation techniques. Nearly all the techniques for mind improvement have a meditative aspect. The mind must reach the appropriate state before we start practicing a method. Of course, meditation alone is a powerful mind expanding technique.


On this site, there are methods that are based on technology, like the brainwave entrainment, and methods that are natural and don’t require any technological equipment. The most common and old practice is the meditation that is used to bring the mind into a relaxed state. But it does not end there, It just starts.


Goal of Meditation




Meditation is primarily used to bring the mind into a blissful and relaxed state, silencing the distractive thoughts. The main concept is to focus attention on a “thing”. The “thing” can be internal (breath, emotions, thoughts, etc.) or external (a candle flame, an object, etc.).


In the beginning, it is normal that many thoughts will distract you, you just keep focusing on the object you have chosen. The concentration will slowly stop the mind from drifting and silence the interference.


Another requirement when you meditate is to be in a passive mode. You have to be not judgmental and not emotional; you just observe yourself as you increase your awareness.  The primary goal of meditation is to elevate your awareness. When you meditate you try to stop thinking, so you can be aware of the world around and in you.


Concentration Meditation Techniques


Let’s see some easy meditation techniques. There are hundreds actually that one can practice. You can choose the method that suit you better and stick with it. Some methods are basic while some others are advanced and require a degree of experience. The most common and basic technique is the concentration meditation.


This technique is just what its name says. You try to concentrate your attention on a single object for a specific amount of time. According to the object where you focus your attention on, concentration meditation is distinguished to three types. So, there are:


o Zazen (Breathing )

o Vipassana (Sensations)

o Tratak (Candle Flame)




Zazen is a common Buddhist practice. It is a starter technique and is ideal for beginners. Zazen meditation involves focusing awareness on breathing while counting. You must be in a seated posture with your spine erected when you meditate this way.




Vipassana meditation is also a starter’s technique. In this type, you try to focus your awareness on the physical sensations of your body. They say that Vipassana has enlightened more people than any other method. Its goal is the mind purification and observation of the things as they truly are. This view will bring true wisdom as well as clarity, insight and mind control.



flame meditation techniqueTratak is an excellent meditation technique with powerful effects. Some of its benefits are attention focus improvement and memory enhancement. Tratak is a technique that involves concentration to a candle flame. This method is effective against the distractive thoughts. After gazing the flame for some time, you may close your eyes, and try to imagine the flame’s position.


Meditation increase your mind power. But other than that it is also a mind control method. The effort to cease the mind drifting develops more control over your mind.


Health Benefits

Self Hypnosis relaxation techniquesThere are also many health benefits when you meditate regularly. Some of these are listed below:


o Decrease the blood pressure

o Decrease stress levels

o Slow down the aging process

o Improve breathing

o Improve immune system

o Improve brain’s functions


I am not expert in meditation techniques, and I cannot provide you complete information. If you are interested, you should visit This article is also based on this website. There, you will find valuable and reliable information about many meditation techniques. You will also find simple guides on how to meditate correctly.


Now if you are experienced with meditation and you want to contribute to then feel free to post your story below.


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  1. Vipassana sounds interesting. Over the last few months I’ve found myself to be much more aware of myself and my surroundings. Think of it as synchronicity.

  2. I am just viewing the techniques and by having them previewed, I could comment that this techniques worth developing a very strong mind of course enabling mental stability.

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