Increase your Mind’s Potential with the Right Brain Foods

brain foodsFeed your brain well with the proper brain foods. These will enhance your mind’s capabilities and will set the base for the upcoming mind expansion. This page proposes you to adopt a new diet that it will become a new lifestyle.  Think about it and you’ll see that is not so difficult as it looks in the beginning, it’s just a decision. I have also made this decision, and I am glad for it.


You can think your brain and your mind as the hardware and the software parts of a computer respectively. For the software to run smoothly and flawlessly, you need good hardware. Eating the right brain foods helps you acquire a healthy and expansion-ready brain. These foods are the foundations of the well-trained mind.


Let’s see what the well-trained mind needs for feeding.


Brain Foods

The first step to having a well trained mind is to feed well the gray matter. It has nothing to do with quantity but quality.


Healthy foods are fruits and vegetables that they are rich in vitamins C and E and antioxidants. But be careful, the brain is not utterly vegetarian because it needs vitamin B12 for its neural circuits. This vitamin is found mostly in animal foods. Without it, Hippocampus which controls memory and learning gets negatively affected.


Some good animal based brain foods are listed below:


o Eggs (reduce the danger of Alzheimer’s disease)

o Cheese

o Yogurt (increases production of two very important neurotransmitters, the dopamine and noradrenalin)

o Fish (Contains omega-3 fat that are required for the brain’s metabolism, enhance mood and help in focusing attention)


Some other than animal foods that are good for your brain are also:


o Forest fruits (antioxidants)

o Dark Chocolate

o Walnuts (Rich in omega-3 fat and linoleic acid that improves the communications between the cells)

Can a daily pill boost your brain power?


Unfortunately, the magic pill does not exist yet. But ongoing research showed that some substances can improve some brain functions. Let’s see what are their advantages and disadvantages of these substances.




It seems that nicotine improves memory and concentration, but it is also highly addictive. In large quantities it is poisonous.




A powerful substance that can keep a person wide awake and fixed for 90 hours continuously without nervousness or stress. Its side effects have not studied yet fully.




In small doses, it can increase the concentration skill, attention, and memory. It is addictive.




Improves concentration but it is not approved yet as a drug.




This substance seems to improve the information flow rate between the right and left hemispheres. It also improves attention and memory.


Well, at least, we can hope that one day a safe pill with no side effects may exist as a brain supplement. For the time being, we can eat some healthy brain foods to build the foundations for a healthy super brain.


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