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This online free self hypnosis instruction is a simple technique to show you the basics of the unguided type of self hypnosis. I use it every time I want to relax and reprogram my mind. If you have trouble experimenting with self hypnosis, then follow this easy self hypnosis guide step by step, and you will be in trance state easily.


The following self hypnosis instruction also is called a script. If you would like to know more about self hypnosis scripts you can check the uncommon knowledge library that contains thousands of self hypnosis scripts. They are addressed mostly to professional hypnotherapists but can give you a great perspective for your own unguided self hypnosis sessions. Mind expanding techniques is affiliated with Uncommon Knowledge as they offer a great source of quality self hypnosis downloads.




You need to prepare yourself prior trying self hypnosis.

o Taking a relaxing shower will help you calm.

o Do not try self hypnosis just after dinner. Wait at least one hour before practicing.

o State your goals. You have to know why and what is that you want to change.

o Be sure that no one will interrupt you during the process. Remove your cell phone from the room. This step is the most important.

o The room must be dark.

o Be positive and believe in what you are doing.


In self hypnosis, the most important goal is to relax deeply. You know that when you have a pleasant feeling of soothing calmness in all over your body. You feel your body as nearly paralyzed when you are in this state. When you feel like this, then your mind is relaxed and opened to your suggestions.


The tricky part is to reach in this deeply relaxed state without falling asleep. The following free self hypnosis instruction will show you how to achieve this.


How to relax your mind and your body


You can use the following self hypnosis instruction to relax deeply or alter it as you please. Do not forget that breathing deeply is essential for relaxing your mind. That’s how you start.


  • Lie down in a comfortable place and think briefly about what you are going to experience. Don’t close your eyes yet.
  • Take three deep breaths and while exhaling the third breath close your eyes slowly.
  • Count backward from 10 to 1 slowly and with every count inhale and exhale deeply.
  • Now open your eyes and look at a spot on the opposite wall. Focus your vision on this spot without blinking your eyes. Stay as much as you can and then take a deep breath again and as you exhale, close your eyes again.
  • Now start to relax your body mentally. Begin from your feet and imagine that the muscles relax, and the tension goes off. Spend a minute or two to every part of your body. Use the following sequence. Start from your feet move to your legs, hips, lower back, stomach, upper back, breast, arms, shoulders, neck, and face.


If you follow the above self hypnosis instruction, then you will experience this deeply relaxed state where your body has fallen asleep but your mind not. The paralysis feeling indicates that you are ready to start with your suggestions.

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Deeper Relaxation Self Hypnosis Instruction Script


I usually do not stop the relaxation process here but continue with some tranquility thoughts. So if you want to relax even deeply you can imagine the following self hypnosis script:


  • Imagine that you are standing at a high spot on a tropical island. Try to imagine as many details as possible. Temperature, sunburst, sounds, smells.
  • Stay there for a while and look at the amazing view of the island. Notice the sea far on the horizon, the forest, the bird songs, the clear sky. It is very relaxing.
  • As you begin to move into the forest, notice the trees and the smell of fresh air. Listen to any forest sounds. Take some deep breaths and imagine filling your lungs with quality fresh air from the woods. It is amazingly relaxing.
  • You finally reach the beach. A beautiful long beach with golden sand is in front of you. Walk through the warm sand towards the water and notice the difference in temperature in your feet. Even more relaxing.
  • As you walk you find an abandoned small wooden shack in good condition, and you enter it. Say mentally to yourself that when you open the door of the small house, you will be twice relaxed. Then take a deep breath and as you exhale move forward and enter the cabin. This small wooden house will be your starting point.
  • As a final step, you have to unload from your mind all of your worries and fears. So imagine that you put in a box all these stuff, and then you burn the box. As the smoke rises and dispels all of your worries and fears, you feel peaceful and calm.


From this point and beyond, you are ready to start with your suggestions. Whatever you have chosen to correct about yourself, now is the time to start. The self hypnosis instructions you followed brought your mind to the appropriate state to begin with your visualizations and affirmations.


This online free self hypnosis guide is just an example to show you how you can get easily into trance. You can skip the story part, but I don’t recommend it as the many details you try to imagine are perfect visualization exercises. For better results, you can imagine different stories every time you try self hypnosis.


If you have difficulty in trying self-hypnosis, then you can check here where you can find a huge variety of guided self-hypnosis sessions.


Try the above self hypnosis instruction and let us know how you felt. Did you find this guide helpful? Tell us your story in the comments section.


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  1. I liked your material on ” self hypnosis”. I am keen interested in hypnosis,philosophy and logic etc. I want to control my feelings, emotions, actions; in simple myself. I am much influenced by sex, and I don’t how to control over sex. Sir, please help me in matter.

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  3. This is a great gift, providing instructions for self-hypnosis. I plan to try it as soon as I can get away from everyone. I’ve used similar technique in past, and I was richly rewarded. Thank you sincerely. Mel

  4. I want to learn how to send sleep and stay asleep thru the night. I also would like to stop smoking and keep my house as clean and neat as I used too! Lastly I want to overcome depression!

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