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Isochronic tones are considered by far the most efficient way of brainwave entrainment. If binaural beats are considered as soft-core, then isochronics are definitely the hardcore. Let’s have a look at them.


Isochronic tones is a newer technology of brainwave entrainment than monaural and binaural beats.


They presented by Thomas Budzynski in the Journal of Neurotherapy in 1999. Dr. Budzynski conducted a case study with eight college students.


He tested the students while they were under brainwave stimulation. The test results showed a significant increase in students’ performance.


The most companies that integrate isochronics into their releases claim that this method of brainwave entrainment is way too effective than binaural beats.


Also, some of them try to prove that binaural beats have no effects on the brain, and the supposed benefits of binaural beats are just a myth. I cannot say that I agree with this statement, though.


There is a lot discussion about which method is better and what actually works. I would say that the best method is the one that works for you, no matter if it is binaural or isochronic.


One last thing is that each method of brainwave entrainment is more suitable than the other in stimulating your brain to different frequency ranges.


For example, you wouldn’t try to entrain your brainwaves to delta frequency range using isochronics. It can’t happen. Isochronics are very useful stimulating alpha, beta and gamma ranges but not delta. See here for the brainwave frequencies.


How do the Isochronic tones work?


Isochronic Tones

An isochronic tone is a single tone that turns on and off in a particular pattern. It is very effective because there is no sound at all during the pauses.


The contrast between on and off is very high, inducing a strong neural response. In comparison with the binaural beats, where you hear a continuous sound that fluctuates in volume, in isochronics, you hear a sound at distinct time intervals.


This pattern cannot be missed from the brain as this can happen in some cases with binaural beats. The imprint that isochronics leave to the brain is very clear and sharp.


This technology can alter your brainwaves very fast, faster than binaural beats. Isochronic brainwave entrainment is suggested as a quick way to change your mind’s operation.


Many products out there support that this is the greater advantage over the other methods of brainwave entrainment. Also, no headphones are required. Thus, no constraints exist using these products. You can hear them in the background as you work or surf the internet.


I have tried some isochronic brainwave entrainment products but not for too long.



I found them very effective but also tiring. What I mean is that undisguised tones are unpleasant to my ears. They sound like a helicopter engine and after a while, I find them disturbing.


This feeling can create a resistance to brainwave entrainment. However, there are many new products on the market now that they have taken care of this issue.


You may listen to a calming river that has an isochronic pattern behind so the brainwave entrainment is disguised. A product like that is the Brain Evolution System, which I recommend.


I also used another product that uses disguised isochronic tones.


The tones are mixed with music. But, as I remember, I was able to understand whether the tones were on or off.


Concluding, I have to say that isochronic brainwave entrainment is an impressive technology, and you should give it a try. You will feel its stimulating effects very quickly to your brain.


It is rumored that it only takes 6 minutes to synchronize your brainwaves. Also, as you hear them on a constant basis their effectiveness increases, needing even lesser time to alter your brainwaves.


Don’t forget to check the Recommended Products page for new brainwave entrainment products.


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11 comments on “Isochronic Tones

  1. I have been using a iPad App called iMindAmbiEnce to create isochronic tone sessions. I have had good results.

  2. I have tried that App. It took about a weeks of before I felt any changes. You can build ramp down session from Beta to low Delta which work well.

  3. As an audio engineer, I use pretty expensive programs to produce and record mu music/recordings. However, if you would like a free and quick program to make tones and control the frequencies of them, then google fruityloops. I use Ableton, Pro Tools, and Cubase depending on the project but those are the ones you pay for with more features and controls over the sound.

    • 1. FL Studio is NOT for free.
      2. Multitude of studios and producers use FL studio and sell their couple grand worth music.
      3. It does have features you are thinking about.

  4. You know what isochronic tones are. So now how does it work on the brain? As you are listening to the tones your brainwaves will match that same frequency, and that is called brainwave entrainment. By changing the frequency of your brainwaves you can break through the barriers that are holding you back. Get out of the funk and change your state of mind.

    Isochronic tones change the frequency of your brain, which starts the brainwave entrainment to provide clear thinking and self confidence. Widely regarded as the most effective tone-based method, isochronic tones can produce very deep strong responses to the brain. The people who do not respond well to binaural beats often respond very well to isochronic tones. Isochronic tones are most effective using headphones but they are not needed as much as binaural beats.

    Young sexy women listening music in headphonesWhat are the benefits?

    There are many benefits to changing your brain frequency. To be happier, joyful and see the world in a brighter sense. To have more energy to complete your task and be more productive. To think more clearly and be able to solve your problems instead of running from them.

  5. Hi there.
    Do you have to actually listen and focus on the sounds from isochronic tones for them to work or can they still work if you’ve got them on but not really consciously paying attention to them?
    Also, I have three isochronic tones. One of them is Low Alpha, and the other two are both Beta/Alpha/Theta. When/how should I listen to them? Asleep? Awake? etc. I’m afraid I’m not using them properly as I have had them for a month now and I’ve had no results.

  6. I watched the movie Inception a few months ago and was captivated by the possibilities of collective lucid dreaming. That led me into extensive research on binaural beats, isochronic tones, soffegio music, tibetian singing bowls, gregorian chants, monochronic tones, pure tones, mixed tones imbedded in music with sublimenal messages, and many others leading all the way back to the schumann ( spelling?) frequency that mimics the frequency tone emmited by the earth into space. The variety of claims made by numerous individuals who have purchased or developed tone generators is astounding. These tones are purported to motivate you to work, calm nerves, ease muscle and nerve pains, cure cancer, fix dental problems, facilitate astral projection, eliminate parasitic worms, abate alcoholic desires, increase intellect, open physcic chakras, rejuvenate DNA, produce HGH, cause erections, change eye and hair color, facilitate weight loss, control IBS, promote hair growth, attract wealth, cure liver dysfunction, and produce hundreds other even more amazing yet totally unsubstianted effects. The source of how these claimed results was derived is seldom stated at all but at other times refrence back to Dr. Royal Rife’s pioneering medical research on the effects of specific frequencies on medical conditions in the 1930s. These Rife frequencies which can be found on the internet in Rife frequency reference charts which list frequencies that supposedly effect multiple maladys but are not anywhere close to the hz of the frequencies which are produced by the current youtube channels. Well I have been listening to many of these youtube channels over the last few months and have felt mixed results mainly with success at increasing my memory of vivid and increasingly lucid dreams. But that said these tones are becoming more and more attractive, almost addictive, and the dreams they seem to induce mimic some of the claims made by those youtubers who publish them. Now I have complete recall of a lucid dream from last night that I was a young thin blue eyed blonde cancer survivor with perfect teeth and a permanent boner who manifested the physcic powers to influence glamourous women to rub their buttocks on my thighs and swelled unit while they attended the huge party at my expansive estate and swanky chateau. In conclusion; what is the past but a memory and now I remember the vivid and lucid dream of being and doing fantastic things that are well beyond my real life body’s capabilities. While these dreams are not the memory of real events they are now real consious memories of my subconsious dreams which and some are more vivid than the increasingly surreal doldrums of my actual life. This experience is becoming my personal parody reminicent of many movies such as Tron, The Matrix, Total Recall, Inception. The power of suggestion is limitless to the subconsious and with the trend of modern physics which is beginning to propose the integration of the energy of consiousness with the ability to influence the configuration of alternative dimensions envisioned by string theory, what is reality after all?

  7. Please answer my question, it’s important for me…
    You argue that “Isochronics are very useful stimulating alpha, beta and gamma ranges but not delta”. As I clarified theta and delta waves are most productive for lucid dreaming. So why there are so many astral projection and lucid dreaming isochronic content on youtube? All of them fakes and nothing works?

    • Look, because of the great distinction between on-off intervals in isochronic tones, it may be difficult to stimulate so deep levels such as delta. Though, at the date that the article was written there were not many products that were using isochronic tones for stimulating delta and theta. Now considering the progress on the matter, and taking into account that there are many products promising astral project and deep delta states with isochronic tones, I guess that you can always try. Have in mind, that youtube sound is compressed and lossy. Do not expect to have the same result as with a CD or a lossless audio file.

  8. First of all thank you for your amazing website, I have a question regarding these matters, I can make both binaural beats and isochronic tones for myself but I doubt for low frequencies states (Theta and Delta) which one is better? Because I searched a lot and saw that binaural beats are better for low frequencies and for high frequencies (Beta Gamma Lambda….) isochronic tones are more effective. Also, for Alpha states some said isochronic and other said binaural.
    At the end sorry if my English was not fluent

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