Binaural Beats (or Tones)

Binaural beats is the most popular brainwave entrainment method. In this page we will discuss what the binaurals are, how you can use them and what effects they are supposed to induce to you.

Binaural BeatsIt is proven that brainwave entrainment is an effective way to alter your brainwaves, helping you with meditation and Self Hypnosis.

The principle behind brainwave entrainment is that your brain’s dominant frequency is synchronized to the same frequency of an external sensory stimulus.

This stimulus can be aural, visual or both. In the case of binaural beats it’s obvious that they belong to aural type.

Binaural tones were discovered by the German experimenter H. Dove in 1839. Their story is old but it was only in 1973, when Dr. Gerald Oster introduced them to the main stream and they became popular.

How Binaural beats work?

Binaural beats wave form

A binaural beat is a repeated waveform sound but it is not external.

It is the result of the brain’s sound processing capability, when two slightly different pure tones are introduced to each ear via headphones. What the human brain perceives is a third tone that pulses to the frequency difference of the two external tones.

For example when a 450Hz pure tone is presented to the left ear and a 460Hz pure tone is presented in the right ear then the resulting sound is a binaural beat pulsing at 10Hz frequency.

This 10Hz pulse alters your brainwaves towards this frequency. By the way, this frequency is in the mid Alpha range and it is good for meditation.

Why not having just an external 10Hz Sound?

The human ear can hear in a specific frequency range. This is the 20Hz – 20000Hz. So an external sound with frequency lower than 20Hz is not audible from humans.

However technology allowed the creation of  external sounds similar to binaural beats, using the same technique that is used in binaural beats. These are called Monaural Beats and it is said that they have a stronger effect in the brain.

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With binaural beats, your brainwaves can reach and remain at any frequency you need.

As certain frequencies for special meditation states, such as Astral Projection or Schumann Resonance, have been identified, binaural beats may be very helpful in reaching these altered states of consciousness.

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