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In this page, we will talk about Mind Control and some of its techniques. It’s a term that can have many meanings. Some people think of it as the ability to take control over the mind of other people. I prefer the meaning of controlling your mind instead.


So what does this term mean? As I have understood up to now, it is the ability to understand and control your feelings, emotions, and behavior. As you do this, you have full control of yourself, and you can achieve your goals steadily. As a bonus, a boosted self-confidence that is the key to success comes naturally.


All the mind control methods work similarly. They bring you to a brain-state where you can reprogram your mind. Most of these techniques, when applied, require being active to affect you positively. The truth is that it is you who makes the change and not the method you are using.The method just helps you achieve the appropriate brain-state.


Some benefits of mind control are the following:


o Develop Self-Esteem

o Cure Fears

o Quit bad habits

o Become spontaneous and social

o Fight Depression

o Overcome painful situations

o Become more intuitive

o Correct elements of your character

o Change your reactions

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The Silva Method

I first read about Mind Control in a book written by Jose Silva. He had developed a method of mind control. This method is simple and easy to follow. You have to train your visualization skill (check my Visualization Exercises program) and reach the alpha mind state., There you can change many things about yourself. The key is that your subconscious is accessible in the alpha brain state.


The Silva method is based on the power of positive thinking. As you get into the state of trance, you start to visualize positive thoughts, and because your subconscious mind is accessible, you can send these thoughts into it. Doing it successfully can have a dramatic effect on the way you feel.



self hypnosis courseSelf-Hypnosis is a general term for a technique that can induce your mind into trance. Silva method uses a Self-Hypnosis technique for this purpose. While the Silva method follows a typical path for the production of the alpha brainwaves (click here for more info about brainwaves),  any visualization technique that can bring you to the appropriate brain-state is considered as Self-Hypnosis.


While you practice Self-Hypnosis, you imagine things. You try to imagine and visualize as many details as you can. These details may be colors, textures, temperatures, smells and generally whatever sensation you can think of.


For example, a visualization that can induce you very fast into trance is to imagine that you are walking on a narrow path with dense vegetation at both sides. Far in front of you, there is a forest where you can hear birds or animals and the sky is clear with the Sun heating the top of your head. This visualization has many details that engage your mind’s right hemisphere.


All these sensations that you imagine, as you practice Self-Hypnosis, engage your right hemisphere and accelerate the production of alpha brainwaves. Usually, you can get into trance in a few minutes if you can stay focused on your imaginary place and concentrate on as many sensations as you can.


The difficult part of Self-Hypnosis is to stay focused on the magical place you are imagining. It’s too difficult to stay on just one thought at the beginning of your relaxation. Many different thoughts tend to distract your attention, as the dominant brainwave frequency lowers to alpha.

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The distractions look like daydreaming in a boring classroom. At a point, you stop listening what the teacher says, you feel relaxed, and you start to daydream. Congratulations! Welcome to the alpha state, the desired state you should be when you practice mind control.


Entering the alpha state is a skill that you can improve by training. You might even become able to get into the alpha in a matter of seconds. After some time, taking a deep breath will be sufficient to send you there.


There are many products online that can help you experience self-hypnosis. These are usually audio products like CDs or Mp3s. Their great advantage over the traditional method of self-hypnosis is that a hypnotherapist guides you with their voice. Thus, you can just follow the instructions and eliminate the multiple thinking distractions.


I have tried such products, and I confirm they are very helpful. They make self-hypnosis easy, maybe easier than the Silva method. You just have to concentrate on the voice and do whatever is instructing you to.


You can, of course, try alone. Check my free Self Hypnosis Instruction for a complete guide.


Another way of reaching and maintaining an ideal brain state for Mind Control is by using Brainwave Entrainment Products.


Brainwave Entrainment


Brainwave entrainment mind controlBrainwave Entrainment is a mental behavior where your brainwaves getting synchronized to external stimuli. The stimuli may be auditory, visual or both. There are special devices that are called mind machines and use both stimuli methods to synchronize your brain. But I have no practical experience with such devices. I will talk mostly about the auditory brainwave entrainment that is the most common and I have tested also.


There are three different technologies of brainwave entrainment. These are:


o Binaural Beats

o Monaural Beats

o Isochronic Tones


Brainwave entrainment is a powerful way to reach alpha brain state. You can go even deeper reaching theta or delta brain state. At these states, you can Control you Mind effectively. As long as a session lasts, you will remain at the ideal mind state having plenty of time to perform your changes.



Another powerful way to get quickly into trance is to combine self-hypnosis with brainwave entrainment. Your brainwaves will synchronize to the stimuli and at the same time, you will help the brain to drop its frequency by imagining things. I think this is the most efficient way to reach the ideal brain state for Mind Control.


Controlling the frequency of your brainwaves is also Mind Control. If you can alter the brainwaves consciously then you control your Mind. You can become creative, relaxed, alerted or sleepy on demand.


If you have any experience with brainwave entrainment, then please feel free to post your stories in the comments area. Your contributions are of great value to mind expanding techniques.


Active Mind Control

Let’s assume that you reach the ideal state of the mind. What will you do next? It’s a good question if you don’t have a purpose. You are the only one who knows why you want to be in a relaxed state and influence your subconscious mind.
You may need to change an annoying aspect of your character, like being anxious easily or being too sensitive. Then, after reaching the desired brain state, you start imagining yourself how it would be if you had not these annoying elements. You observe your new character and affirming that you don’t have these attributes anymore.


You close your meditative session always with an action that confirms that you have a new character from now on. This action may be to pass through a door, to step on a particular shape on the ground, to plunge into a pool or anything you like.


By doing this often, your subconscious mind gets the message, and finally, you change your negative behavior. We saw active Mind Control. There is also passive.


Passive Mind Control


Passive Mind Control can be achieved using subliminal messaging. You don’t have to think of anything; you just have to listen to relaxation music that has integrated subliminal messages.


Subliminal messages are affirmations that are included in the track you listen to, and you can’t consciously detect them. Their volume frequency is below the limit that the human ear can perceive consciously. These messages go directly to your subconscious mind.


Although subliminal messages are supposed to be an effective way to change your mindset and control your sensations and feelings, there are a lot of discussions whether they do work. Some people claim that Subliminal messages definitely affect them, others believe that subliminal messaging is based on placebo effects.


Another problem is that you don’t know whether subliminal messaging products are credible. As you cannot hear the hidden messages, you don’t know what they say. Don’t try products that you are not sure of their origin.


The disadvantage of subliminal messaging is that every session ties to a single action. For example, if you want to shut your mouth to lose fat, you will listen to a subliminal session for weight loss. There are no sessions where you can make multiple changes to your character at the same time. But, using any of the previous Mind Control techniques you can make as many changes as you want.


You can find more details and examples of the Mind Control techniques that are mentioned in this page by following the links you can see. Also, at the bottom of the page are related articles to mind control. Enjoy!


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  1. I actually believe this amazing blog post , “Mind Control Techniques |
    Self Hypnosis | Brainwave entrainment”, exceptionally engaging plus the blog post was a terrific read.
    Thank you-Thomas

  2. This is a great article covering a wide variety of topics related to mind control. I have been studying brainwave entrainment for some time now and I find it to be helpful in my own life. Keep up the good work!

  3. I had a head injury when I was 17, and it has been a struggle ever since. So I hope this will help?! I am on medication for depression and other things, and want to get off. So I am going to do it!!

    • Hey Thad,
      I have a similar story with a car accident that occurred about 6 years ago. I wish I could post something helpful. Unfortunately, here I am, researching how to achieve some sort of normalcy to my circadian rhythm and these “flashes” I have come to experience in my head and arms (like blood rushing super-quickly for a split second – recurring 30 times per hour or so).

      I guess I was wondering if you could relate. And I notice you posted this over 3 years ago, so guessing you won’t ever see this…maybe someone else will!

      I wish peace and happiness to all who suffer.

    • When situation like this occure you need some thing more important then the fact,so that the current situation would not win every positve area of your life. Don’t forget that life have essenti al element which all bodies need to feed on’ every day,like shelter goodfood,environment which you live inn,new idea coming your way. may build and control mind well.

  4. All those technics you show..or theories…well they are just it…take by example the storie of the noisy plain…it s not quite because youre brain is being hypnotised..or puting himself into trance…the noise will be anoying, while youre brain doesn t assmilate it, when a certain time passes it will just be a part of the environment…Esier example… it s raining, you step outside, the first drops will be anoying…in youre mind “ho noo i wil get wet..etc…anoying watter”…then, if you stay a bit more, about 10 min, you will stop feeling the drop falling on youre head…the brain will send the message “it s a part of the environment” …so you won t be constantly poked by the info of “sounds, or feels, even smells”…when you talked about the day dreaming thing…it s quite simple to, any person put in, a place, a long trip, without any thing to distract him at first place…it will start to distract himself, remembering things, or imagining…but that process isn t because of noise (frequence, sound, or brainwaves bits or what you call it)…just grab a chair in a room and sit, when you have nothing to do, in silence, don t try to force yourself “Visualizing” things…after a few min youre brain will do it for yourself…and this exercise if you want to call it like this, it will only help you relax or calm down…nothing more nothing less…

    • Well my friend yes this may be your respectable opinion on the matter. Allow me to disagree as it is scientifically proven that the brain reacts to whatever stimuli is presented to it through the senses. Now if the stimuli follows a specific pattern and this pattern repeats itself in a constant frequency then the brainwaves will follow it. Whatever is discussed in this blog is based on facts that have already been proved in the labs. You can find this info anywhere on the net.By the way, how you found this site if you don’t believe in all these stuff?

  5. Quite convincing.mostly silva method.one question.is silva method can be used reprogram our mind to hypnotize others or sending telepathic messages to someone or to control others ? Please reply.

  6. As I research this, I’m astounded. I have come to the conclusion that my mind has been altered by such auditory frequencies. I had listened to all the beats, and I had realized how all of these tones appear in the /music/ I listen to. I listen to all kinds of “trap” music. I believe it has left subliminal messages. I have recently come to such realizations of wisdom and less occurrences pass that go away as subconscious. My mind has begun expanding, I have never had an explanation. Such realizations and analysis had occured not too long ago, almost recently, and I started to listen to my music until recently as well. I’ve come to the conclusion that reality is not just seemingly, but literally a complexity, not just in terms as living as a human; likewise, what the universe and /mind/ is capable of. I feel that my brain is a vessel for potentials. I just ventured onto this website and I thank you. This is extraordinary information and I’d like to research this more.

  7. Good afternoon. I am Louise. How can you hear your own thoughts when someone else is telepathically controlling your freedom of life? Can some relation to you control your mind telepathically, or are the voices your own in your relatives voice?

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