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Memory ClipboardFinally, I decided to include in mind expanding techniques various memory strategies for memory enhancement. As I see that there is a high demand on how to improve memory, I start this page to list some very popular and powerful memory techniques. Memory is one of the most important aspects of the human mind, so we have to keep it in a good shape.


Let’s talk a little about memory issues. I read on the Internet that many people face problems with their ability to remember. Most of them seem to have problems in remembering recent experiences or near future planned activities. For example forgetting to take the wallet with you as you leave the house, despite that seconds ago you were rehearsing mentally to take it with you, is a very common situation.


Another common issue that many students suffer from is to forget in the middle of an exam what they had studied. Their mind just refuses to reveal the answer. Very annoying! This problem can be easily solved by adopting a better studying technique.


If you must remember something important, then you have to mark it as important. Otherwise, your mind considers it as a typical piece of information with no special priority. It is natural to forget it among the tons of information that your mind process every minute.


Solutions to these and other memory problems will be the main topic of this page and its articles. We will discuss proven memory strategies that they work. There are many memory techniques for improving short term and long term memory. Some are quite simple for memorizing simple things, like a shopping list, and others are more advanced and harder to implement, but they can give you the ability to remember more things.


The Basic Rule of Most Memory Strategies

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The fundamental principle that numerous memory techniques are based upon is just a simple realization.


The diversity of an experience makes it memorable. If you look at your past, you will remember particular events that had something different from all other moments. Every moment you live is an experience. The moments that you can remember perfectly are only those that had something special.


For example, you can’t remember what you ate in a typical evening the previous month but you may remember perfectly a car accident that happened in front of your eyes four years ago. A car crash is not something that you see every day (of course it is better not to see it at all). Something rare and special is stored in the long term memory. Probably you will remember it in great detail for the rest of your life.


In the most memory strategies, what matters is a way to make your experiences unique. You create strong associations between these unique experiences and the stuff that you want to memorize.


The discussed memory strategies require a good visualization skill. See the visualization exercises to develop and improve this skill.


Always have in mind this basic rule: unique experiences + strong associations = increase memory capacity.


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