“GRASP The Solution” Offer: Order Before October 19 and Win Amazing Bonuses

I was lucky enough to had an evaluation copy of the book “GRASP the Solution” from Chris Griffiths, CEO at the ThinkBuzan.com. I have read most of the book but haven’t finished it yet.


From what I have read, I can say that it offers fresh new information about the human thought and a great method to solve problems creatively. Creativity can be taught and this book can show you how. This method takes advantage of the mind mapping technique. It is truly a gem!


This page is just to let you know about an amazing offer from thinkbuzan.com regarding this book. Actually if you order it from Amazon.com before 19th of October you will receive also lots of free gifts.


Take advantage of this amazing offer, order the book from here  and you will receive the following bonuses:


  • Free 6 Months Subscription to iMindMap Online (Worth £30/$44.50)
    A web-based tool that gives you total freedom to Mind Map from anywhere, with anyone, at anytime. Travel light with nothing but a Log-in needed to access all your Mind Maps and collaborate with friends or colleagues anywhere in the world.
iMindMap Online
  • Downloadable Mind Map Templates Based on GRASP Strategies
    A comprehensive set of Mind Map templates to complement the book and save you valuable time defining your challenge, generating tons of ideas, evaluating your options and setting your goals and actions plans.
  • ‘GRASP The Solution’ DVD
    A selection of insightful videos covering key topics featured in the book. Learn about the different modes of thinking and how to deliver practical creativity through system and process.
  • Free iMindMap ‘Getting Started’ Manual
    All the guidance you need to start Mind Mapping your way to innovative solutions easily, boldly and powerfully.


Remember that you must order the book before or on the 19th of October in order to get the preceding gifts. When you purchase simply send the  Amazon Confirmation Receipt at mcosti(at)thinkbuzan.com.

Click here to order the book.

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