Google Update Nearly Vanished

Dear Friends,

As you may have heard , Google made a great algorithm change to their popular search engine. This update is also called “Panda” update. The purpose of this is to improve the search results by removing spammy sites and content farms that offer low quality content. In fact the update does a great job and certainly improves the user experience of the average internet surfer.


As with any fight, there are always casualties. These are websites that offer unique content and they have nothing in common with the sites that are being removed from google’s top results. They follow google’s quality guidelines but they are hit by the update. Mind-Expanding-Techniques was hit by the update as well and traffic dropped by nearly 50%. It is obvious that this strike is too heavy for me and it is very disappointing to see this result after so much work, I have done here. I never copied or stole content, t is all my own. Instead you may find my content in other blogs, these are the sites that Google want to stop. needs your help in order to remain active after this update.  If you like this site and what it offers, you have to tell google about that. How you can do this? Just spread the word. Press the +1 button when you like an article. This is the way that google now takes feedback for good sites. Will you help me to keep this site alive?


Merry Christmas my friends and a Happy new Year!

Thank you Google, this was a nice present…

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  1. My friends,

    Google updated again their algorithm last April 2012. The new update (The Penguin) was even a harder hit to The new update checks the back links of every indexed website and creates a link profile. According to google’s quality criteria the link profile of each site determines its position in the search results. This is also the reason for the relocation to the new domain. To get rid of all the back links that may give a false view to google. All my income from the site have disappeared in just a night.

    I worked very hard to bring in the first page, following always google’s guidelines. This algorithm change flagged as illegal everything that was legal till today. Numerous authentic and quality websites got hit hard by this update. For over 10 years the common practice in order to become search engine friendly was to acquire links. Though many people took advantage of this and they were able to promote crap and fraudulent sites in the first page of the search results by just using illegal methods, a.k.a. black-hat.

    There are special software that can acquire thousands links for a site in seconds with just a few clicks. Such type of programs may leave comments in forums and in blogs with some anchor text and a link back to the site. Well these guys google wants to eliminate. But their algorithm is too cruel and many sites that had unique and quality content got affected as well. I relocated the site to the new domain and now I am starting over again. Are you with me?

  2. I am sorry to hear that friend. Sometimes these things happen but all you need to do is to change the way how you do things. Find out how to combat this problem. You will feel better knowing that you have not given up.

  3. well this pops a question back in my mind, i have often felt that when you try to make fine things finer something wierd happens and appears to be plain bad luck. just wanted to share the thought is there any justificaation for it? i mean something more logical to define why great minds face greater problems

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