Simple Brain Exercises : Develop a Super Mind

Two closely related sciences advise us how we can train our brain with simple brain exercises. The reason of the development of these two sciences was the restriction of the brain rot in old men.


Finally, it was found that these exercises were useful for the improvement of brain plasticity in every age and not only to the old men.


The first science is called “neurobics”. This term was invented from the neuropsychologist Lawrence Katz of the Duke University (USA).


Neurobics advises us first of all to stop routine. The golden rules are to change the solidified habits (e.g. to change every day the route we follow as we drive to work or to wash our teeth with the other hand), introduction of new stimuli, challenging new activities unknown to us and more.


The second one is the “spiritual gymnastics” or brain training. This is a set of games and brain exercises which they improve concentration, visual and verbal memory, reaction time, logical thinking and calculations.


Many IQ tests measure the performance on such games and exercises.


Eliminate Negative Prospect


We often say to ourselves: “I can’t do this”. This is a terrible mistake. It is an anti-creative mental attitude which in the end validates our words.


If someone faces a difficult task and resolves it successfully, then the prospect changes. From that point and beyond he will search for challenges to try his abilities.


A good example of such challenge is to learn a new foreign language. A recent research at Toronto University showed that bilinguals are more intelligent and least exposed to the brain rot.


You can strengthen your mind abilities in learning even if you try to learn a new foreign language as an adult. Even better is to select a language which is very different from your mother tongue, like Chinese or Japanese.


Ideograms cause neurogenesis and improve neuron circuits because they stimulate the whole brain. This is the reason that Chinese, Japanese and Koreans have higher iq than the average.



 Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Another good strategy to create new synapses between neurons is to learn a musical instrument. Music is a real mind food especially if we wander between irrelevant genres, e.g. from Classical music to rock and from electronic to ethnic.


Playing the guitar, piano or flute your mental abilities improve and also your movement synchronization is stimulated.




Every time that we start a new activity, our brain’s adaptability gets better. For example, learning to juggler tricks leads the brain to form new synapses from the first week of training independently the level you reach as a juggler. It is indeed a very good brain exercise.


So, the trick here is to be in a constant change. This is perfect brain exercise as well as learning a new language.  This would be a nice challenge and also a youth potion for your brain.


Learning a new language is not so easy nowadays but trying the other simple brain exercises mentioned earlier is not so difficult. Is it?


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