The Enslavement of the Greeks

March 16, 2010


This page has nothing to do with mind expanding techniques. It is just a comment on the political and economic situation in my country. As I have written in the “about me” page, I live in Greece, and I want to share my thoughts and opinions with you. I observe the political and economic situation of my country by watching the news on TV or surfing the Internet. Of course, I do not believe anything I hear from the controlled media. I usually read from independent sources, but I have my concerns even then.


During the last month, there is an apparent effort by international speculators to destabilize Europe. The black sheep in the whole game is Greece. It is known that the Greek economy is in a terrible state. Great corporations, which can quickly exchange 10 million lives for profit, play bets on our fortunes.


Europe has already been destabilized since a dirty war started between the Greek and German media with multiple insults from both sides. The bad thing is that these insults targeted people and cultures, not politics. I can distinguish an instigated effort for developing animosity between Germans and Greeks. Unfortunately, whoever started this was successful. Hatred between people is everywhere; you must see what’s going on in the Facebook.


The entire story started because the Greek economy has almost collapsed. In fact, every government borrows money from the banks, and this creates a deficit. Every country has a deficit because it owes the money which it has borrowed from the banks. Every single country now has a high deficit-GDP percent, because of this economic crisis. They will cover this deficit by borrowing money. The speculators’ game here is that if Greece asks for loans, those will come at a very high-interest rate, double than that for other EU members.


EU refuses to spend a single cent to help Greece overcome the economic crisis. In exchange, they ask the Greek government to impose more austerity measures, which means that the citizens are going to pay again. Poverty and Unemployment rates will skyrocket. Small and medium businesses will close, salaries will fall even more, and many other “nice” things are coming.


We observe our enslavement approaching day by day. We have been already told that our annual income will be reduced by 30%. In other words, more work less money; Expedient ground for the large corporations to open their factories here. They want us all to be slave workers with no rights. That’s their plan. The average person will wonder why. Instead of humanity taking evolutionary steps that will improve the living conditions of all people, there is a return to the middle ages. The future is greedy. Everything has a price nowadays, and the worst thing is that human life doesn’t cost anything. The priceless human life is now of no value. What matters is just profits, nothing else.


Politicians are servants of the big corporations. They are all corrupted, and they live as parasites, sucking money from any single worker of the country. They do not have to work. They just do meetings; they say bullshit and get paid bonus from the taxpayer’s money.


From the same source of cash, they get a salary nearly seven times higher than the basic official wage, and they charge to the public all of their personal expenses, even the freaking coffee they buy in the morning. Of course, they live in impressive mansions, have expensive cars, many houses, deposits of million euros in off shore companies, and have the audacity to tell us about the economic crisis and how much WE must pay, so they continue to live like that. I would say together with another 11 million fellow citizens “GO TO HELL“!


It is just our turn now folks. It is our turn to become what the powerful leaders of this world need. Game over.

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  1. Do you think the Greece economy today is better or worse than it was when you wrote this article in 2010? Why do you believe this?

    • Hi Bill,

      The Greek economy now is far worse than it was in 2010. The debt has been increased and the austerity measures are exhausting. People are angered and desperate. The “shock” was tremendous and caught us by surprise so that we feel incapable of reacting. There is great disorientation of who the enemy is, and this is justified with the increasing support of the extreme right party.

      I can talk to you from both sides, as a citizen and as a businessman as I have my own shop.

      As a citizen I can see a decrease of more than 60% of my purchasing power since 2010 and I am considered a privilidged one as I have a job. Unemployment for young people is over 60%. Thankfully my salary has not been affected yet but this is occasional as the most people I know have seen salary drops by even 50%.

      If you combine the lost purchasing power with the outrageous increase in taxes the last 3 years you can see that basic needs such as electricity, heating and transportation have became commodities. Just to give you an idea, from the new year they will increase toll stations and toll tarifs by 60%. The most expensive country in Europe in order to drive from a city to another. And this is because the treacherous government back in 2007 granted to cartel companies the whole national road network in order to maintain it and to expand it. Of course no progress of their responsibilities but the toll tarifs keeps going up… We see everyday selling off property of Greece and healthy public infrastructure that took years and trillions in order to be built.

      The political parties obviously serve alien interests. No matter they speak the Greek language, the people do not recognize them as Greeks anymore, they are all traitors.

      From the businessman perspective things are worse. Taxes are at least predatory and combined with the low demand because of the austerity, shops and small-medium businesses close every day at an increasing rate. The business environment is at least hostile. The nightmare started when Greece started dealing with the troika and it continues… Now we are all here in a free fall without parachute waiting to be crashed to the ground.

      The situation now in Greece can be described as a genocide. Because of all these measures, the birth rate has greatly fallen, as young people cannot buy basic stuff. A whole generation will not born.

      The enslavement of Greece has succeded just as I predicted back in 2010. I hate when I am pessimistic but when I see my friends every day in despair, I just cannot close my eyes and think positively. It is sad.

  2. I fear my home country of New Zealand is free falling into a spiral of economic debt and crisis, where only the higher class and major business owners will profit. Taxes are increasing, poverty is increasing, families who work 8-10hrs a day are now struggling to provide their families with financial stability which has not been the case in the past to an extent. Our prime minister insists that to overcome our national debt which has increased by at least 90% since he was elected, we must sell our assets?? Or in other words, selling off what had made New Zealand such a proud and independent country to begin with.. What is also alarming is the growing relationship between him and the president of the United States. But why? Things are starting to look as if he has made some sort of deal. Now there have been talks of sending our soldiers to aid the US in the Middle East. That is not our fight! We do not have any business or reason to send our troops there! I hope we don’t because then those countries will believe NZ is a threat also and target our country. Also there is this tppa (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) bill he is trying to push through which is not about trades but protection of overseas investors which hands them more power over our country than even our own people will have. They ignore the challenges of the environment and growing inequality, the entire process is not transparent and the secrecy alone should be enough reason to reject it. And the Obama administration has not presented one analysis of the cost and benefit with regard to jobs, different industries, income distribution, economic growth and trade. Pretty much selling our country to the highest bidder! I fear that if this goes through, then in the not too distant future us New Zealanders are going to become minorities in our own country. This makes me sick! Our future generations will not know what a beautiful and independent country New Zealand once was..

    • Unfortunately its the same recipe that is applied in countries all over the world by their corrupted governments. this is the face of modern slavery. Be strong and try to stay clearheaded, avoid the controlled mass media and show the people you care what is happening. The power is to the people, united we can make a better world.

  3. Wow, this conversation is impressive. I don’t have a lot to contribute to because you say it all. Socrates, your use of English is just fine. I’m American, living in the U.S. (Florida). I grew up in France and my family lives there. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  4. Socrates, thank you for posting the truth and for being able to see through the veil. I am in Canada and am working hard every day to wake people up to what is going on around us. The answer is moving to a collective higher consciousness. And guess what, this all starts within ourselves and being able to visualize a better world. Your website is instructive, inspirational and a gift. Thank you for shining your light so brightly!

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