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October 2009


Well, first of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Socrates Chouridis, and I live in Athens, Greece. This is me in the photo to the right. I am 28 years old. I build mind-expanding-techniques.net having one great motivation. I genuinely desire to explore the potential of the human mind. But, let’s start from the beginning, so you obtain a better picture of me and my purpose.


Before I start, I would like to say that my mother tongue is not English obviously. My greatest struggle is not to think in Greek as I write down my articles, but this is not always possible. Please forgive me for any grammatical mistakes you spot in my site, honestly, I try my best. Also, I desire to be as clear as I can; hopefully, I have some people that help me out in this task. Ah and something else, don’t expect rich vocabulary on this site. Anyway, thank you for your patience and for not being hard with me. 🙂


My Story


In 1999, I succeeded in the exams and passed to the University of Crete. I studied there applied mathematics. In our first visit to the class, the president of the school presented the newly founded school of applied mathematics. He emphasized that a bright future was ahead us. I was excited; it was truly impressive to have all that knowledge…


Five years later got the degree. I left Crete and returned to Athens when I had to fulfill my military obligations. By finishing the military service, I wanted to expand further my knowledge because a little voice inside me was insisting that my very promising future may not be so bright finally… Moreover, I always wanted to study Information Technology. So, I decided to do a master in advanced information systems. No, I don’t try to impress you, not at all, you will understand why I am telling you all these…


Recently, I finished the master. Yeah I know I was a little late, it took me two years to complete my thesis. The reason is that in parallel I’ve found a job. I work as a network engineer to a telecommunications company, on a 24-hour shift-based schedule.


After one and a half years in the company, I finally understood that this job is simply not enough for achieving my dreams. Thankfully there a few times, like in my night shifts, that workload is not so high, so there is an amount of time that I can spend on this website. As my hobby is to explore the human mind and expand my consciousness, my job helps me towards this goal.


And what about my dreams? I would like to work as a freelancer (2016 update: No I do not want that now especially after the last austerity measures). I hope this site will help me achieve this goal. I dream working anywhere, anytime and without a boss. Ok, this is too ambitious; some people would call it vanity. I know… but this is not strong enough to stop me from trying. I just want to manage my time.

I love traveling and acquiring new experiences. I hope to visit more places in the future. You can learn so much when you visit foreign countries and different cultures. Traveling opens your mind. It is a pure mind expanding technique!


Managing my own time will give me the opportunity to explore further my mind, to increase mind power, to learn foreign languages, to experiment more with the various techniques that we discuss in this site. Maybe, I will turn my hobby into a job. Yes, this would be a nice setup, leaving me fully content every passing day.


Off course, I am not hiding you that mind-expanding-techniques.net, besides my passion for the human mind, has also a business aspect. This aspect is my hope that someday I will be able to do all the above.


How it started


For over a year, every time that I was at work but I hadn’t anything to do, I was searching ways to do business online. Then, I found Sitesell.com and their service “Site Build It! (SBI!)”.


In fast forward, SBI! is a service which provides you all the tools and all the training you need to build a successful online business. 98% of all Internet business sites fail. In SBI! they teach you how to avoid common mistakes that lead your business to failure. Success has only one rule; you need to be GENUINE and REAL.


This site is my first serious attempt to build an online business. As you can see, the site is in a very early stage. Many improvements must be done. New content must be added. This site will never stop changing and adding information. I hope one day to work exclusively into this and accelerate the development of this website.


I want to be honest with you and that’s why I am telling you exactly my intentions. Whatever you find written here is from my personal experience. I try to be as accurate as I can, delivering you truly valuable information. I am not trying to fool you in these pages by promoting crappy products. It is certain that I will fail if you don’t trust me. So, this site must be a win-win situation for you and for me. I have only this in my mind as I write content or promote any product. This is also the reason I present you products that I have personally tested them first.


My passion – My Motivation


My passion is the exploration of the human mind. Though, it wasn’t from the beginning. As a kid, I used to daydream and deep think about supreme questions. I was very curious to learn more about the universe, our creation, the nature and the “big why” behind all these. Religious explanations never satisfied me on my queries.


Anyway, as I walked down the street one day, I saw a Feng Shui shop and I jumped in. I bought a book explaining the role of energy and how you can change your life with the Chi (Energy). I studied many spiritual books from then but finally I stuck to the mysteries of the human mind. Since 2002 I research the potential of the human mind. I want to expand it. And then, maybe I will be able to form some satisfying theories to my questions.


This exploration journey taught me a lot of things. My way of thinking constantly changes. I love this change to myself. Every day I realize things about life, about people. Things start to acquire meaning. I like to live consciously. This constant realization and change keeps me motivated to keep on searching.


This website contains information based on my research and realization. Except the business part, this site will be also my logbook. I am also going to use this site , as I plan to provide tons of valuable information in the future. I want to expand this site and make it popular. I want to communicate with people who have the same interests with me. I will need you in this attempt.


Thank you for reading,


My Opinions, Beliefs and Comments

Our Enslavement Approaches
The blueprint for the enslavement of Greek population is followed step by step by Greek and EU governments, as they are unable to deal with the international speculators. This is just a comment about the current political and economical situation of my mother country.

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