A Beautiful Mind… What does this phrase mean to you?

Mind Expanding Techniques

If we make a comparison we would say that the brain is our body and the mind is our spirit. When we think of the brain, we get an image of an ugly biological organ but when we think of its functions, we are at least impressed. This is the human mind, the word which has no physical meaning and describes all that beauty.


While medical research has offered us a thorough picture of the brain anatomy and physiology, we still don’t know much about its operations and functions. A large area around the human thought is still unexplored. Despite our unawareness, we are sure that we can discover an unlimited power within our minds. This power is the beauty we refer to.


This website attempts a pleasant trip in discovering and expanding the human mental power. I am going to share with you all my findings through researching my own brain. Later on, you will be able to do the same, writing your own experiences. I am obsessed with this topic and I will do my best to provide you with valuable information.


This site is addressed to people like you and me, who have realized that we have a lot more potential within us and the key to this potential is our brain power.


I want to clarify that all the material here is written by me and is the result of researching the mind from MY OWN perspective. Thus, this information is my personal views on the topics and not the results of an official scientific research. You may not find any medical or scientific advice on this site! The best way for you to experience this site is as a lightweight source of information, like a relaxed discussion with a friend and nothing more.




I will try to give you a quick overview of mind-expanding-techniques.net, so that you can get an idea of the general site concept.


In this site we will talk about the known and unknown brain powers and how we can realize them and use them consciously.


We will talk about hypnosis and self-hypnosis and various technologies such as brainwave entrainment. Also you can find product reviews that make use of these technologies.


We will learn new approaches of using our heads in our everyday tasks, improving our memory, creativity and other intellectual skills. We will make an introduction to scientific breakthroughs into advanced intellectual techniques such as mind mapping.


We will discuss various Mind Control techniques. Originally, mind control refers to controlling our own way of thinking, although some people, are interested in controlling other people’s thoughts.


We will discuss also some NLP techniques which can make us influential.


All the above and many more topics are coming. Before proceeding, I suggest you to meet me at the About me page.